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8/17/12 9:53 P

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I'm getting myself back into gear, which is just as well as I'm up about 0.5kg this morning. Not very much but enough to make me look hard at what I'm doing/eating. The heavy rain has stopped which is a help. I've managed to fit in a good walk each day and am about to set out for today's one. There's even a bit of sunshine!

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8/17/12 12:53 A

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thursday was a good day - one more day of sunshine and comfortably warm weather that we took advantage of and put off working... one more day. drove about 15 minutes away and parked the car to take a walk in a new place - about 5 miles later, we had found some wonderful new walking opportunities (see my blog for pics) and picked a beautiful bouquet. having skipped breakfast a few days and not feeling great about it (though making up the calories at the other meals), we ate before we left and were home in time for lunch - both lunch and dinner were using up leftovers from earlier this week. a neighbor had given us a HUGE zuchinni that was occupying the counter for days; i cut it in half and scooped out the inside, made a filling with mushrooms and onions and dill and the rest of the lentil spelt salad (well, not the rest, i don't know what i was thinking when i made it but there was enough for an army - i think the rest goes to the compost now, can't eat it one more meal!). weight did well for the day, though we did not take any more walks (spent the afternoon reading on the rock by the fjord, taking regular dips to cool off). it was ST day, and par for the course it was just about bedtime when i started in. this time went looking for exercises for runners, did a few different ones but kept up the crunches for the abs and wall pushups.

a good day!

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8/16/12 11:12 P

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Had a wonderful day with my sister today.... delicious smoothie for breakfast, taught my yoga class while she showered and unpacked. Then off to shopping together, lunch of BLT's and sweet corn, and iced tea. A few more errands in the afternoon and then a quiet evening.

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8/16/12 9:44 P

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Rachel, I am so glad you are okay!

Good luck with the rough month! Remember to be there for each other. emoticon

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8/16/12 8:32 P

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What a day!!

my husbands birthday was ok. we got in a finder bender though. no one was hurt and the insurance company is calling it 50/50 so our rates wont go up but we also wont get our bumper fixed, well not by them anyway. we ate a bit to much and drank a bit to much ( thankfully after the fender bender lol ) . i really didn't think I did all that bad til this morning when I got on the scale WOW and to make matters worse today is my weigh in day so now I have to see it all week long...

Then this morning my husband got a call from his work. they had to let someone go for drinking on the job. they promoted my husband and gave him this guys old spot. but it meant that he had to turn around and head back to work. this time it will be for 3 weeks! so basically he will have worked a month straight with one day off, his birthday. the paycheck will be awesome but this isn't going to be easy on anyone!! I'm trying really hard to keep reminding myself of the silver lining. I'm glad he got promoted but all the same... :(
I also missed my kickboxing class this morning and now I am as ency and uptight as could be!! knowing I'll be a "single mom" for the next month doesn't help.

defiantly kickboxing with Xbox tonight!!!

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8/16/12 1:36 P

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Sending some air conditioning your way, OneWeigh! emoticon

Last night I was up until 6am(!) thinking and planning. I think I need to commit to real wind down time on the nights that I go out. Sleep is such an essential part of how my day goes, from food to exercise to getting *anything* done. I really need to prioritize it.

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8/16/12 1:14 P

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I had an OK birthday, but a sleepless night before had me lacking energy to do much of anything. I had lunch with my Mom and a friend and then came home and took a nap--something I almost never do. Had a nice dinner out with my husband and that was my birthday. Shill don't have much energy today and it's going to be hot. I got the housework and produce prepping chores done before the sun goes over to the kitchen side of the house. emoticon It is hottest in my kitchen just at dinner-making time! Today I think we'll either have a salad dinner or go out to someplace air conditioned.

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8/16/12 11:19 A

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Hope your shoulder gets better soon, Christie!

Much quieter day in the office today, and I am grateful for that. A repeat of yesterday's stress fest would send me over the edge. I went 3 whole calories over my range yesterday, but I'm not feeling bad about it, because I just revised my range down a bit when I saw the scale starting to creep up, so I wasn't over my original maintenance range. Also, this is the 5th day in a row that I've gotten my walk in, and it looks like I will exceed 12,000 steps for the 5th day. Feelin' good!

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8/16/12 8:06 A

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Welcome to Thursday! One day closer to the weekend... I'm ready!

The doctor wants me to lay off any ST that involves my shoulder for a few days., which is pretty much most upper body work. I'm bummed, but if it makes the pain go away, I will do it. I know I won't lose my muscle gains in a few days. So last night's planned total body circuit was replaced with cardio. Eating was pretty good. Scale is still being a bee-atch today. Between TOM and the inflammation in my shoulder, I guess I can deal with it.

I am definitely paying much closer attention to what and how much I eat today. I dug out a lower body ST DVD to do tonight. Doc has me on 800mg ibuprofen every 6-8 hours, so I am hoping that will settle down the shoulder.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day. I am enjoying the discussions from these threads. It is so helpful in maintenance to see others with my issues and learn ways to deal with them. Thank you all so much!

~Christie in NC

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