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6/2/11 3:06 A

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sorry to hear of your injury. Lots of very useful information already, All the very best.


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6/1/11 8:56 P

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KTribe, I feel for you. So sorry for the injury.

A few months ago I had to cut back my exercise significantly due to injury. I relied on SparkPeople. I reduced my scheduled exercise and SP reduced my calorie range. For the most part, I was able to stick to it. I maintained on less food during that month.

If hunger is an issue, I find small meals usually with at least some protein every 3 hours or so is very helpful. Raise your fiber to 35 grams per day. Eat lots of veggies. Drink plenty of water. I also find hot drinks like tea helpful.

On the positive side, after a month of maintaining with very little exercise I felt much more confident that I would be able to maintain my loss no matter what! Best wishes.

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6/1/11 2:59 P

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Ktribe, I broke my tailbone when I was about 10, fell flat on my butt while roller skating. I remember it hurt for nearly a year, and never healed in its "normal" form. It gave me a little discomfort during my pregnancies, but I'm over 60 and fine. I don't remember any instructions about limiting my activities, which would have been a futile request of a 10 yr old. Anyway, I DO remember that it was easier to stand and walk than to sit. Walking is good.

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6/1/11 12:27 P

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I know how you must feel right now, as I also depend on exercise to maintain my weight. However, please know that we are all pulling for you, and six weeks will be over and you can resume. Look for workouts you can do while sitting. I think Spark People has some videos. Be inspired by those in wheelchairs who exercise. I can imagine how painful your injury is and how any movement is probably not appealing right now. Best of luck to you.

--Anne from Idaho
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6/1/11 9:27 A

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So sorry about your fall! I agree that you need to enter no exercise to get a new calorie range. Also if at all possible try doing some arm exercises (if it does not cause additional pain). Good luck.

Susie South Central WI
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6/1/11 8:20 A

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So sorry about your fall, but maybe you can do some arm exercise, anything to get that metabolism boosted!! Get those healthy snacks going and think positively!! This is just a little bump in the road for you!

Barbara .....that's what my friends call me! Never cared for the name Barb.

Make it a blessed and healthy day! IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

Remember how special you are and how you are soooooo worth it to be healthy and fit!!

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5/31/11 11:10 P

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yep, calories in verses calories out. When I broke my toe last summer, spark helped me keep the weight loss going, even if it slowed. I typed in no exercise at all and it gave me the calories I needed to at least keep some weight loss going. Bet if you change your settings it should be able to help give you a calorie range for no exercise, and then when you can do a little here and there, slowly up it and your calorie range will go up. Took me a few months to finally get my calorie range up where I prefer it when I am normal exercise level, but it overall worked, even if the weight loss was slower. So I bet you can do it!

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5/31/11 10:58 P

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Remember that weight is determined by the balance between calories in and calories out. So.... one thing you could do is reduce the calories in. I have found drinking more water and having hot tea or soups before a meal really help.
Second, you may not be able to do cardio and lower body strength work, but perhaps you could do some upper body strength work. I wonder if there are kettle balls routines that use only upper body?

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5/31/11 10:36 P

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I have been pleased that I have managed to maintain my goal weight for the past three months. But Friday, I fell down the basement steps and broke my tailbone! Major ouch! Apparently not a lot can be done for it at this point except ice and ibuprofen, although my chiropractor is giving me cold laser treatments. Apparently I will be unable to exercise for at least 6 weeks and exercising, especially kettlebells is a huge part of why I have been able to maintain my goal weight. I am terrified the weight is going to pile back on. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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