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11/20/09 8:29 A

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8/2007 271 lbs, very sore knees
9/2007 271 limping heavily
10/2007 256 still limping seeing doctors, cho 256, triglycerides 350
11/2007 246 still limping
2/2008 about 226, not limping cho 205 trigly. 150
10/2008 167 no limp, no pain meds
3/2009 156 Cho 186 tri 56
10/2009 just under 150
It's been a long haul

I am not skilled to understand what GOD has willed what GOD has planned I only know at his right hand stands one who is my SAVIOR

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11/16/09 1:34 P

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2004 - I graduated high school at about 115 lbs. I could eat whatever I want and didn't gain weight. I was very inactive.

2005 - mid 2008 - I gained about 25 lbs in college and got up to almost 140 lbs. I started to get a little more active and in 2007 I decided to try to lose weight. I continued to eat crappy processed foods and struggled to stay in my calorie range because I was so hungry.

2008 - In the summer of 2008 I finally got serious about changing my lifestyle. I got down to 123 lbs (goal was 125) in December.

2009 - I've been maintaining pretty well and staying within a 5 lb range (123-127). I've gotten serious about my strength training and seen some great improvements from that.

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11/2/09 3:48 P

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Throughout highschool, I weighed between 140-150
January 2007 - 159 lbs (Heaviest weight)
March 2007 - 145 lbs (goal weight at that time)
January 2008 - 155 lbs - time to start again!
March 2008 - 140 lbs - my goal weight!
November 2008 - 135 lbs
Spring 2009 - 130 lbs.
Now working on maintaining & increasing muscle (and not continuing to lose!)

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10/3/09 10:52 A

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week 46 2004 139,2 kgs hips 152 cms, waist 116 cms, chest 141 cms

week 02 2005 125,6 kgs hips 131 cms, waist 103 cms,
chest 123 cms

week 20 2005 100,8 kgs hips 115 cms, waist 88 cms,
chest 109 cms
Maintenance week 9 69 kgs but feel to heavy to make BMI for my height
Feburary 2008 tummy tuck

week 21 2008 60.5 kgs hips 88 cms, waist 75 cms,
chest 87 cms ( told to put on weight to avoid hormone disturbance and to avoid all over plastic surgery)

week 26 2009 62,2kgs hips 90 cms, waist 70 cms, chest 90 cms size european 42

week 40 2009 63.kgs hips 91 cms, waist 72 cms, chest
91 cms.. size european 36..

I have a totally different more steamlined body today and I work hard for my results..

1990 c7 disc collapse- total stop aerobics..
1992 family went to pieces when my dad died
1993 travelled to denmark found a better life
2000 husband went on dialysis
2004 he died
2007 re-pieced my life together..
2008 tummy tuck
2009 body building..

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"I shall shape my future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me. Or I can be lost in the maze. My choice. My responsbility. Win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny."
-google first. ask questions later
.*) .*) .*)
(***Rena ***)
(.~ (.* ~ (.*

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10/2/09 6:16 P

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This is going to be fun, especially since I'm so old!

1967....118 lb got married age 17
1969....168 lb gain 50 lb got preg. age 18 baby born 6 pounds.

1975 ....115 lb lost weight with doc diet pills
1978 .....180 lb gain weight bad marriage
1986 .....180 lb divorced, moved to Moms'
1987 .....140 lb met new husband, joined TOPS ....lost to 120 lb
1990 .....115 lb husband dies heart attack
1991 .....120 lb still in TOPS met Edsel and
HAPPY next 15 years.... gain...
2006.......180.....start LADIES GYMN
2007......LOOSE 50 POUNDS IN 52 WEEKS and after first 6 months find SPARKPEOPLE for added motivation.......

2009 ....133...Now,

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Skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand,
Crystle Lite in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming
"WOO HOO what a ride!"

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10/2/09 3:39 P

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I am going to try to recall details because I think this is cool.

October 2004
275 size 22/24 biggest ever!
I started watching what I ate and walking

August 2005
Down to 175 size 12/14
Found out I was pregnant with baby 4. I got up to 195 by the end of my pregnancy. 20 pounds was not bad considering how much I gained with the other kids. I set it in my mind to eat right and exercise size this time around. What a difference it makes! I gave birth to a healthy 7.2 pound baby.

Sept 2007
165 size 10
I started running and thought I could still eat whatever I wanted. Needless to say I was able pretty much to maintain that weight, but not lose.

Dec 2007
170ish size 10/12
I decided enough! I started counting calories using the nutrition tracker here on spark. I consumed 1300-1600 calories a day. I was doing turbo Jam and running (very slowly at the time).

March 2008
155ish size 6/8
I started lifting weights a few days a week and continued the running and Turbo Jam.

June 2008
125 met my goal! size 1/2-3/4 depending
Still running, Turbo Jamming, and lifting weights. I made my lifting a little more intense.

June 2009
120-125 size 2/4
Started running outside. Love it! I am not looking forward to the cold. Gotta get my run in!

October 2009
125 size 2/4
I am still running, lifting, and doing Turbo Jam. I would like to get back down to the lower end of my range this month. My eating has been crappy the past 2 weeks! I need to get a hold on that because I am not going to be the fat depressed girl again! And did I mention I hate the cold!

"Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food."

Romans 14:20a (NIV)

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10/2/09 9:16 A

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August 2008
187lbs. BMI 30.5
Pants: I had some 14's and 16's I could wear but was not consistently able to fit 16's from stores. From one particular store, I had a pair of 14W pants (i.e. from the plus section, I couldn't fit into the 15's) and could squeeze into a pair of stretchy size 15 Capris. (The 14W is bigger than the 15).
Shirts: M in standard unisex t-shirt, sometimes Large for women's shirts

I tracked until about Feb, but continued losing for a while after that. Since June I've been holding around 152-156lbs or so - BMI of 24/25.
Pants: 11 from that one store. I don't seem to quite be able to consistently fit into 12's in general though.
Shirt: S in standard unisex shirts, generally still a medium in women's shirts although I can generally get smalls on, they're just tight.

I didn't really have goals of "I want to lose x lbs by this date", I just wanted to move towards a healthy weight rather than further into obesity.

In terms of fitness - I started C25k in March, and have run 2 5k races since then. I'm not someone who ever viewed running in a positive light - I played soccer recreationally as a kid, but generally tried to minimize how much I ran. I'm now starting to work on One Hour Runner (although only just).

I'm pear shaped, so my pants size seems relatively high given my weight :P I'm about 5' 5 1/2"

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I've lost about 35lbs and gone from slightly over "obese" by BMI to just into "healthy"!

And I can now run for over 5k!

#1 rule about losing weight:
It's about making progress, not being perfect
10/1/09 8:47 A

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I feel like it was a long journey and I am not sure of everything along the way I only know where I am now compared to where I started:

March 2006
starting weight 225
Pant size: 20-22
Shirt size:XXL
Goals eat healthier

July 2006
Begin exersizing including running
(3 miles approximately 45min)

Sept 2007
Joined spark people
continued running, exersize and lifesytle change

Weight 164

today: maintaining for 1 year
weight 135
Pant: 2 to 4
Shirt size: small
running: 3 miles under 27 minutes

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9/30/09 9:56 P

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These are the goals I have listed on my SparkPage. I began my journey on July 11, 2008. I set one goal at a time. As I met it then I would set the next goal. My goal was to get to 145. I met that on Friday. Now my goal is to maintain between 140-145 pounds.

To move from "obese" to "overweight" by the end of February (met 3/1/09)

To move from "overweight" to "healthy" by my next trip to Disney in September (met 9/4/09)

To weigh less than:
* 210lbs by November 9 (met 10/17/08)
* 190lbs before WDW trip on January 25 (met 12/19/08)
* 180lbs before WDW trip (so close ~ 180.5 on 1/25/09)
* 170lbs by St. Patrick's Day (met 3/19/09)
* 160lbs by Mother's Day (met 5/25/09 -- my birthday!)
* 150lbs by my 1 year SparkVersary (met 8/7/09)
* 145lbs by 9/9 (met 9/25/09)

Lose a jean size:
* by Columbus Day. (size 16 - met 9/9/08)
* by Christmas (size 14 - met 10/27/08)
* by WDW trip in January (size 12 - met 12/18/08)
* by St. Patrick's Day (size 10 - met 3/12/09)
* by Father's Day (size 8 - met 6/4/09)
* size 6 - met 7/7/09 -- I did not set this as a goal...I never thought I'd get here!

~ Tanya ~

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward..."

"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."

(quotes: Walter Elias Disney)

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9/30/09 9:23 P

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I'm curious to see everyone's timeline of weight loss. The ups and downs, too. I tracked mine recently just to see how far I've come.

Here is mine.

Feb. 2007 - Made the committment to make a huge lifestyle change. No more junk food. Workout. Workout. Workout.
Weight: 168 (I'm 5'8")
Waist size: 14
Shirt size: XL

Sept. 2007 - Changes complete.
Weight: 138
Waist size: 7/8
Shirt size: Medium

Feb. 2009 - Put some weight back on.
Weight: 143-145
Waist size: 9
Shirt size: Medium/Large

Sept. 2009 - Kicked it into high gear. Determined to lose some weight and tone, tone tone like never before!
Weight: 134
Waist size: 6
Shirt Size: Small/medium and feeling great.

Goal: Toned more, 130.

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