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3/11/09 11:55 P

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Hit my goal about 6 weeks ago. I still losing a little weight very slowly. I will have a stop point on this slow loss once my intake reaches equilibrium. As I once weighed a bit less than now for years, I know that I should hit that weight soon and it will be a matter of keeping watch.
I originally set my goal (from a start off Spark of 137) at 116, then 112, and decreased it by 2 pounds down to what I am now. I am happy with my weight now but as long as I can still find clothing to fit me, reaching my former long time weight of 98 pounds would be OK too. I am quite short and do have a slight bone structure, so I am not too thin. My spouse is pleased. I have increased muscle mass and definition and am stronger, have more endurance, more energy and look better than 20 years ago (when I weighed 98 pounds). My physician is amazed and happy with the state of my health as well.

What had gotten me in trouble before was that I had forgotten just how critical it is to exercise consistently and to truly eat for health first and taste second. I love good food, but choose carefully and watch portions. I have no cravings either anymore. None, not even chocolate! Exercise conquered cravings.

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3/10/09 7:00 A

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Ooo...what a fun topic! I reached my goal a year and a half ago, and have since lost five more, and regained 12 after that. My goal was 125, at 5'6...which ended up being WAY too small. So what did I do?? I lost five more! Well, that five came back in a hurry...and over the last six months I've purposely put about 7 lbs on top of that...topping me off at 132.

I LOVE the weight that I'm at, and I nearly always feel thin. I know that when I have my "fat" days I still look thin to others, and that it's all in my head lol.

What a fun post!

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3/9/09 2:33 P

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I've been maintaining for just over 2 years.

I'm somewhere in between, I think. There are times when I think of myself as a fat person. There are other times when I think of myself as a HEALTHY person. I'm not tiny. I'm sure I'm not even slender but... I look good. My friends, family, and doctors all agree that I'm good where I am.

I think I identify with the overweight, more than anyone else. I try to lead by example, when people comment on my weight loss and maintaining and I try not to let them go down the road of exceptionally negative self-talk... but at the same time, I'm blunt with what I did and how long it took me!

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3/8/09 3:18 P

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I lost the majority of my weight around 20 years ago, but did a bit of yoyoing after that, so I consider that I've been maintaining (on SparkPeople at least) for almost 3 years now.

Mostly I feel thin, but I have my "fat" days so I guess I'm a little in both camps. I do relate to fat people, in that I do know how it feels (felt) to be there, but I also relate to fit people, especially since activity is so much a part of my life now. I have turned into an athlete at the age of 40, and now that I'm 45, it just feels good to move, be strong, and go faster...Although I still am surprised at times by what I see in the mirror!

highest weight ever:202, SP starting weight: 143

H: 5''4" 53 y.o.

"Don''t let yesterday use up too much of today." Will Rogers

"Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants" Michael Pollan

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3/7/09 12:51 P

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I've been maintaining for over three years and I'm still surprised when people use the word 'tiny' to describe me. I guess in my own head I weigh less but I'm not that much smaller than I was before? I'm still self-conscious and more comfortable in shirts with sleeves and long pants even though I live in Florida. I'm definitely more happy with my reflection than I was before.

"If you keep on doing what you've always done you'll keep on going where you've always gone"

"The road is long with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows where. Who knows where?"

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3/6/09 1:42 P

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My goal range (for now) is 140-145.

I just reached 145 a couple DAYS ago.

I think of myself as a little bit of both and not quite either.

In my own head I'm happy and proud of the way I look and progress I've made 85% of the time. Sometimes I might compare myself to people who have never been fat and be a little envious because they don't have the extra skin or mindset (self-consciousness mainly) that people who HAVE been overweight do. Other times I'll get comments like: "I wish I was skinny like you!" or "Stop losing weight." It causes mixed emotions. I'm not skinny. I'm not overweight. I have fat and muscle and loads of energy and stamina. I'm just ... healthy!

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3/6/09 11:00 A

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I have been maintaining my goal weight range of 116-121 for almost 1 year. This was the size I was in high school. I was always skinny and could eat whatever I wanted without ever gaining weight until I hit my late 20s. Then I gained over 10 lbs, and even though other people still thought I was skinny, I felt way too big, and I also noticed a decrease in my energy level.

I had to start working out hard, not eating as much, and I lost the weight and have been keeping it off. Then, I was finally able to increase my caloric intake again but it is still not as high as it used to be. The best thing about the exercise is that I really feel great and I do feel skinny again. And I love being skinny, because the clothes feel so great on!

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Christy M.

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3/6/09 9:58 A

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I've been maintaining for 2 months. I think of myself as thin, but I think I've always perceived myself as being bigger than other people perceive me.

At 135lbs I didn't think I was overweight, but I definitely felt like I had a few pounds to lose. I carried it mostly in my belly. People thought I was ridiculous for trying to lose weight. Now I'm about 123 lbs and I think of myself as thin, but other people act as if I'm one of the skinniest people they've ever seen (I'm not, really!). I don't know if I just carry my weight well or if maybe I just don't see myself the same way others do.

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3/6/09 9:11 A

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I've been maintaining for 11 months in the 155-160 range. It depends where I am at how I feel. Here in Telluride CO where the thinnest people on earth must live, I feel like a struggling fat person who is doing a good job of mildly fitting in and not standing out, When I go back home to WA state I feel very thin because most of my friends are heavy.

I learned along time ago that I had to completely divorce my head and my heart, It helped to deal with problems with negative self talk (which I no longer indulge in and is the best part of my weight loss journey) and the truth. So even when my heart looks at myself in the mirror and says, boy you're fat (or stupid, or whatever it might throw at me) my head can correct itself pretty quickly and say, boy you are accomplished for maintaining your weight loss (or completing that challenging work project)

Now I can just say either in WA or CO "your just an average person doing their best in the circumstances you live in, just like the people around you no matter where you are."

"Motivation is not something you find or lose, have or don't have. It is the product of how you see yourself in the world: active or passive, effective or ineffective, powerful or victimized, normal or pathological."
Coach Dean

"I hold this jagged stone in my chest of keepsakes" AUNTMOUSE

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3/6/09 8:21 A

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I have been maintaining for 2 years and still see myself as fat. I have to keep a weight chart for my height/age closeby to convince myself that I am within lee-way (10 pounds/ middle of the weight chart). Guess we all see our lumps and bumps. lol

Skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand,
Crystle Lite in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming
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3/6/09 7:03 A

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I've been maintaining for 5 years. I know what you mean about being in some kind of grey area. I mostly think thin, but I identify with heavy people. They look at me, however, as if "What would you know about being heavy?" If I show them a "before" picture, they are astounded. I love being a thin person, but it was a long time before I accepted mentally that I now am. I still worry about gaining it back. It would be so easy!

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3/5/09 6:08 P

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I've been on maintenance 7+ months now: 5'3.5" 118 lbs.

Always thought of myself as "stocky", so I'm still surprised when I look in the mirror. My head hasn't caught up with my body yet, but I know that we become what we think and that it is important to have the right image of oneself. I'm workin' on it!

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Jude (or Judith or Judy, whatever you like)

Take a sad song and make it better!!
We're on this earth to give glory to God.

5'4", 77 years old. High weight 161. Reached 125 lb. goal on 7/25/08.
Adjusted to 130 8/9/15

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3/5/09 4:55 P

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I've been at goal for 2 years next month.

Like most women, I still have days I feel "fat", but I am pretty happy with my weight range right now. I eat healthy foods, have tons more energy than I did in my 20's and 30's and like how my clothing fits me!


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3/5/09 3:51 P

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Hi Russ!

Lets see I have been maintaining for about 5 months, I consider myself a little bit of both and not quite either....its weird but some days I still feel fat. Honestly I would love to drop about 5 more pounds but I think my body is happy at this weight and as long as I can maintain my loss and not gain any back that's fine with me.

Amy ; )

Maintenance Range 140 -145

137lbs - Goal Met 10/5/08

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

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3/5/09 3:25 P

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I have been maintaining for about 8 months. I have actually found maintaining much harder than loosing. I don't know why but now I find it very difficult to stay in my range and find myself slipping often.

Because of this I would say that I am a little bit of both and not quite either. I would be much happer about 5-10 lbs lighter (what I was over the summer) but don't feel I am over wieght either. But I definately concstantly worry that I am putting the weight back on and am going to end up back at 225lbs and 5'4"

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3/5/09 3:05 P

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Maintaining - since January 10, 2009. So far, so good but it is a full-time job at best.

I think of myself as thin now. When I do crunches and I look down at my thighs...they are small. Yeah! If I can shop at Abercrombie and Fitch then I know I'm thin...I've been buying mediums like crazy. I am no longer the fat girl.


blacKandi [black-KAN-dee]

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3/5/09 2:50 P

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I think of myself as being right in the middle of healthy weight. I'm pretty new to maintenance, just on six months, and find it just as hard as losing. I'm 5 foot 10 and a half and 154 lbs, with a weight range of 140 to 194 for my height I feel that my weight is healthy. My body mass index is just under 22 which again is in the healthy range. My dress size ranges from a 10 to 12 in Australian sizing - I have no idea what that is in US terms. Being 61 my friends think of me as being too thin but I live in Australia where I'm afraid a healthy weight in older women is rare. So you can see that I use a variety of things to judge where I am. Apologies Aussies.
At the same time I still feel that the fat me is always on the verge of breaking out. Until I started SparkPeople I was a Yoyo dieter and I knew what I was doing wrong it was only when ill health made me really look at what I was doing to myself.
I exercise at home because I just don't feel comfortable at the gym. That says more about me than it does about people who go to the gym.


"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them -- every day begin the task anew."
Saint Francis de Sales

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3/5/09 2:06 P

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I don't know what fat activism is...

I have been at goal for a couple of months now...

Technically I was never fat...maybe not even overweight... 5'9" 148lb was way too high for my liking and my body structure.

My whole life, as far back as I can remember, I have been worried about every single morsel I put in my mouth! I thought everyone was like that!!
I thought I was fat as a kid and teen (now I look at photos... I was sooo skinny).

So really I had a borderline eating disorder until I was about 30 and then I stopped worrying so much about it... I think it might have been medication... I started taking an SSRI and became much less obsessive.

After an operation in 2005, I gained some weight... I think they took out my metabolism!! emoticon

Anyway, now I think I might actually be thin!! I was really hard to accept maintaining with my disorder background, but I'm doing great!!

"Complaining isn't considered cardio!!" - CASSANDRA_WYNN

Christ has no body now but mine. He prays in me, works in me, looks through my eyes, speaks through my words, works through my hands, walks with my feet and loves with my heart.
- St. Theresa

The only alternative to getting old is happy you're still here!

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3/5/09 1:39 P

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Hey guys,

I've been pouring through the archives today (such great topics!) and I've seen some past posts touch on this, but I've been wondering this for a story I'm pondering. Wanted some opinions other than my own.

Had a few quick questions. Reply to me if you like to join in:

How long maintaining?

And choose one:

I think of myself as a fat person

I think of myself as a thin person

I'm a little bit of both and not quite either.

I'll start with m'self:

Maintaining: 4 years (meaning I hit goal and dealt with backslides/returns to form for that period of time. I don't define maintaining by how long I stay at my target weight. I'm actually under it now.)

Somewhere in between | I look at fat activism and agree with quite a bit of the rhetoric. Though I can identify with fat/obese/your term of choice, they don't necessarily identify with me. At the same time, the fitness folks at the gym look at me and identify with me, and I don't quite identify with them. I feel like I exist in the gray area.

I'd really love to hear y'all's take on this!

Russ Lane

-- Lost 200 pounds while food writing, and maintained it 10 years
-- Went from pizza-guzzling wallflower in rock clubs to (very) aspiring boxer and artist in his spare time
-- Hit goal and felt a little thrown to the wolves. Dedicated his life to increasing support for those at or nearing goal and eeking every possible amazing thing out of it.

Limits? Pah.

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