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7/31/15 2:12 P

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One more thought: Could the weather be an issue? If the pavement is hot (you are uncomfortable walking on it barefoot) the dog has a bad experience (blistering on pads) and may refuse walking later. If that's not the issue I would load her up in the car (carrying her there if necessary) and head to the next park. Once away from home turf she may be happy to walk with you. Do keep things positive. I agree she may be grieving "losing" your mom. Dogs can't be told for how long someone is gone. If you are ok with it let her sleep with you on the bed. She may need touch more than anything. Occasionally turn on the kind of music your mom would listen to. If your mom gives her people food for treats, do the same. Don't feel guilty for not being your mom, she will survive. emoticon


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7/31/15 12:51 P

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I think you got great suggestions already. And mine is not of use to you now but maybe for next year; I was thinking that you could arrive before your mother leaves and walk the dog together with your mom, and let your mother hand you the leash so the dog can get used to walking with you while still in the company of your mother. That might (? hopefully) make it easier once your mother is gone. The dog will then have gotten used to walking with you by the time your mother leaves.

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7/30/15 4:02 P

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Make those treats you take with you irresistable (cheese, fresh meat, etc). Then do what was suggested with giving a treat every few steps. Might try only feeding when you are trying to do something with her -- the games, the walks, etc. -- rather than feeding full meals. That way she will be wanting something to eat.

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7/30/15 3:12 P

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Is she on leash when she's doing her business?

Will she walk with you if you put the leash on and walk around INSIDE the house?

You might also try carrying her away from the house like you did, then walk with her straight back to the house.

In order to build your relationship with her, you might try hand-feeding her meals.

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7/30/15 2:53 P

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Dogs can be very sensitive. Most likely she is missing your Mom. You mentioned she will take treats from you. Take little peaces of treats, and try walking with her on the leash using the treats. Get out the door give her a coupe of treats to get her attention. Then take 5 steps. If she walks with you, tell her "good girl", give her a treat. Then walk a little further, give her a treat. Keep repeating the process. Soon she will realize walking with you is fun. I hope that helps. Let us know.

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7/30/15 2:37 P

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Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and would be grateful to get some advice on an issue I've been having lately:

My family has a 3 year old poodle mix named CoCo. She loves people and other dogs and loves walking with my mom, who is closest to her and takes her out for walks. My mom and CoCo take long walks together daily with no problem at all. However, a few days ago, my entire family left the country to visit relatives in China for a month, and I am the only one in the house left with the dog. I am away at college during most of the year and am only active at home in the summer, so I know I'm the least closest with her.

Whenever I try to take her out on a walk, she walks out the front door, does her business in the grassy area outside, then promptly walks back. I want her to get enough exercise, but she refuses to go anywhere else. I've tried picking her up and carrying her to somewhere farther, but she just runs back to the house. I've tried pulling on the leash, but she just tugs back insistently no matter how long I try and I don't want to pull on it too much for fear it might strain her neck. I've tried taking treats outside, but she's not interested.

I know this is due to her not liking me as much and her anxiety with my mother having left, so I've been trying to play with her and spend more time with her indoors. But she just refuses to do anything with me. Most of the day she sleeps or lounges around and hides under the bed, and doesn't respond to any sort of activity I do (throwing something to catch for example, playing ball with her, etc.) except when giving her treats/food. When my mom is in the house, though, she loves to play with everyone and never exhibits those sorts of behaviors.

At this point I'm really at a loss of what to do. This sort of behavior happens EVERY summer when I come back home and my other family members are away. Should I just let her be when we go outside and not try to take her farther than she wants to go? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks so much!

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