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12/27/14 6:56 P

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please please please inform animal did all you could but it does need to be reported!

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12/27/14 2:41 A

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I only hope this dog was current on his rabies vaccination....

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12/27/14 12:46 A

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It was a very kind thing you did and I hope your hand is alright. Dogs and cars not a good mix.

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12/26/14 6:54 P

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i think you did what you could and glad you werent bitten worse. Hope the owners will take better care of their pets.

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12/26/14 6:14 P

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Today as I was on my drive to my walking track. I came upon two dogs in the road, one was hurt. It appeared a younger dog, less than a year old I would guess, but maybe a pit bull mix.
It had apparently been hit by a car, it didnt seem able to use its back legs.
It was trying to stand, the legs didnt appear mangled, it was most likely its hips.
I seen no blood.
I was more afraid of the bigger dog, but it went on across the road, so I stopped, got out and slowly approached the injured dog. Watching for traffic. The dog was only about 6 feet or so into the roadway, I had planned to help get it off the road, then go to some of the homes in the direction the bigger dog had gone to find its owner.
But as I approached the dog, very carefully, trying to feel it out, it violently snapped at me, catching the tip of my finger and fingernail.
About this time another car came along and stopped as well, the young man got out and I told him about the dog trying to bite me, which I am sure it only done due to its injury or fear.
He approached the dog and it began to scoot itself out of the road.
I seen that he was making better progress than I had, so I left.
Went and cleaned up my finger, which was very very sore by this time.
I washed it with antibacterial soap and wiped it off well with alcohol.
as I did this, I seen it had barely broken the skin, it welled up with blood, but didnt actually bleed.
But my finger at the knuckle was pretty sore for about an hour.
I got home, and took the bandaid off and cleaned it with hydrocortisone ointment and the soreness seems to be gone. No bleeding or swelling.
I am hoping it doesnt become infected.
And I looked for the pup as I came back by and didnt see it, so I am guessing the young man was able to find its owner or it at least was able to scoot itself home.
I was angry at the moment for having nearly been bitten. But now I feel bad that I didnt do more for the injured dog.

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