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10/14/14 5:52 A

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emoticon hope hes doing better

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10/8/14 4:17 P

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did you change food at all? i agree with the other suggestons. I know with newfs some do well with a non grain type.
hoping all is better soon!

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10/7/14 12:49 A

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As Chebba mentioned, there is the possibility that your lad's body did not tolerate the type of suturing material that was used with the surgery. I have Rough Collies, one of whom is very allergic to dissolving sutures. He also has problems with any alcohol type 'swabs' used to cleanse before a procedure (like taking blood ).

I also wondered if there could have been some nerve damage either at the time of the injury or during the surgery, if the wound was that close to his spine.

As for the incontinence, there is an homeopathic medication that I have gotten from the vet for that called "Leaks No More", as well as a prescription drug they have also given us called "Stilbestrol tablets". I don't know though whether either of these medications are available anywhere other than Canada, but if not then I would imagine that your vet would know of something similar.

I have used both on several of our Collies over the years - some did better on one drug or the other, while some needed to have a combination of both of them to get the best results. A bonus was that neither were expensive!!

I hope things can be resolved quickly! Your old guy sounds like he's already been through enough! Please, DO let us know how his condition is, and what answers you get.

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10/6/14 7:56 P

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I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet dog. I don't know much about his kind of problems but I think I would get a second opinion. Sure hope you can get some relief for him.

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10/6/14 4:19 P

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Is there a Veterinary College within reasonable driving distance?

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10/6/14 9:17 A

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I'm so sorry to hear about your lovely dogs problems.

Spaniel types are notorious for their food obsession - that's why our beautiful girl, who passed last year, was called Shirley Teatime!! However…

When your dog was neutered, what kind of sutures were used? The reason I ask is because, when we had our rescue Old English Sheepdog Harley neutered last year, he was constantly scratching himself, leaping up and around, extremely uncomfortable. It was deeply upsetting to watch. It turned out that he was one of a very small percentage of dogs who are adversely affected by these new, dissolvable sutures. He ended up on Tramadol, but that brought other problems with him being 'spaced out[ and acting strangely.

I really don't know if this will be any help. Re the hind legs situation, is there a possibility that, when the deep cut was so near his spine, some damage was done? Has he been x-rayed to check that out? If not, I would encourage you to get that possibility checked out. It might explain things if there is some damage - or maybe he has some bridging on his spine as a result of compensating for the injury? That's another avenue I would consider.

I hope you have a really good vet, but, if you aren't getting anywhere, you have every right to ask for a second opinion. You don't have to fall out with the vet, and if you are calm and reasoned and determined, he/she should be really willing. Remember, it's you who is paying the bill so you have every right to call the shots. Bringing in another opinion might mean a new pair of eyes is looking at the situation.

Please let us know how things progress - there will be an answer somewhere and I am convinced that what you are describing is manageable ONCE people know what is causing it all.

Good Luck. An extra pat and hug to you lovely lad.

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10/6/14 12:55 A

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Charlie our 13 yr old spaniel cross bread got lost this spring and we found him with a deep cut near his tail and just a little off the spine on the right hand side. When we came to the vet on day 3 (at first we thought he just got into a row with other dogs) it turned out to be a very deep and clean cut like with a knife, but now it was infected. So he had to be operated on and the vet suggested that he also be neutered at that point and we agreed.

Long story short - he has not been well ever since that operation. We have been at the vet for most of the summer (luckily it has not been a very hot one, otherwise, I am not sure he would have survived). He seems like he has problems with his hint legs; he does not even like to go for walks. He has no problems with eating. It seems his whole life is just food and he practically camps out in front of his food dish. About two months ago he started scratching himself and biting his legs. He seems to be very itchy. He has been on anti-biotics twice in the last two months (after a long long spell of them after the operation because the would had to be drained and healed very slowly. The first time he stopped scratching for a while. The second it just was a little less. But this time the vet noticed that one of his anal glands was infected and blocked and that was taken care of.

And yes, he has become incontinent leaking a little almost all the time (it got better after the first batch of antibiotics, but came back after a week and with the last batch never stopped)

And the symptoms prevail. The vet is, as I can see it, at his wits end. Does anyone have an idea what we can do to make him the happy dog he was before and stop this scratch?

Many thanks!

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