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4/16/12 7:58 A

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an electic fence. my pup does not go out the door without his collar on. he is a year and a half. he will not leave the yard.

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4/16/12 1:32 A

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I had a Rottweiler rescue that loved to go roaming around the neighborhood every evening. She would dig out under the backyard fence, or run out the front door. She always came back, but one time she was picked up by a policeman, and almost got taken to the dog pound. We got an electric hot wire that we put at the bottom of the chain link fence so she got a shock when she tried to dig out. It worked for the back yard fence, but every once in a while she'd bolt out the front door. Some dogs are roamers. We have one now, a little terrier mix, and she does the same thing. Right now we have blocked all the holes, so she hasn't gotten out for a while. She still tries to run out the front door if she gets a chance. I yell "Stay" at her, and she will stay inside. It's a worry though.

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4/14/12 9:34 A

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Have you taken her to any classes? You might want to look around for a trainer to help you teach her to come back when called, not to run out the door, etc. I would look for a "positive reinforcement" trainer. There is also a video called "Really reliable recall" which is pretty good, but if you haven't done any training with her, you might want to do that first. I also teach my dogs to sit when the door is opened instead of running out. In the meantime, is there a way you could "gate off" the front door, so that you can have the gate shut when the door is opened? Good luck. I know how scary that can be.

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4/14/12 8:02 A

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My thought is don't open your door! Just kidding! I also think it helps to walk your dog daily - my Bailey loves her walks and makes me feel guilty if I don't take her. We also have a fenced-in backyard and there is a doggie door in the back door so she can come and go as she pleases.

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4/13/12 7:22 P

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The only thing I can add and maybe it isn't relevant is that our two dogs never even try to get away and we think it is because they get walked to the point of being very tired. First thing in the morning I give them a short walk before I am even dressed. I throw on shorts and slip into sandals and off I go. They both do their business and then I go home =15 min. Then Charlie really gets in gear and walks them both within an hr. for one hr. through the larger neighborhood. In the evening I walk the little guy for 1.5 hrs. and Charlie walks the 12 yr. old german shepherd for about 25 min. I am lucky that I can walk Hobo on the seashore and it is a great workout, usually a friend goes with me and before we know it almost 2 hrs. have elapsed. That is what the Dog Whisperer says to do. In my past life we could never have done this but now that we are retired we devote a lot of time to our two dogs.

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4/13/12 6:00 P

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I had that issue with one of my deceased Labs. I spent $3000 to put a 5ft chain link fence up. He went under it like it wasn't even there. I had to spend another $900 to add an invisible fence. I don't think either would have worked alone. I also had to keep a hook on the gate latch.

He lived to the ripe old age of 14 when we had to let him go. Even on the day he died he checked the gate latch to see if the hook was on. His name was Trouble. I gave him the name before his eyes were even open. He was in a 24" tall whelping box and you couldn't keep him in.I told him than I can see you're going to be Trouble.

I make sure my yard and gates are secure. I have been lucky, none of my dogs have been door chargers.

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4/13/12 4:08 P

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The young Lab we just got recently is the same way. We are looking into electronic fences but so far have just kept him leashed and take him somewhere where he can run off leash as often as possible.
I'm hoping when we get him neutered he will calm down a bit!
I am looking forward to the answers you get here, I HATE when a dog doesn't come back when you call them! So dangerous.

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4/13/12 2:37 P

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Today at approx. 11 a m Rosie my dog ran out my door. It was my fault! I got her a piece of ham and called her. She ignored me and off she went. I hoped that she would come home when she was tired and hungry. However I was stressed out for fear she wouldn't return. It took about 2 to 3 hours before she came back! During all this time I worried the worst could happen to her. She was bad but I gave her some ham anyway because I was happy she returned. I adopted her from an animal shelter. She was classified as a run away. I've had her about 4 years and that runaway tendency still is there. Does anyone have a suggestion what I can do to prevent this from happening again? Thanks! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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