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3/5/13 12:38 P

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I don't have a fit bit. But the cpap lets me know if I have been compliant which means I have the mask on and I am at least laying still for 7 hours. I wake a lot at night, but go right back to sleep. I would think how many times you look at the clock would be a clue, also how you feel in the morning. However, with that said, I do love electronic gadgets.
Here is a positive review.

So do you have to load the food you consume, or does it measure your body chemistry? How does the calorie counting work?




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3/5/13 8:39 A

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I jist clip my fb onto my nightshirt. The fb arm band a) made me feel hot because of covering my pulse points and b) I forget exactly - basically it seemed like it didn't register any movement because my arms were "still" and so I noticed it seemed to more accurately reflect the "awake" movements that I did remember, whenever I had it on my nightshirt. Eventually I misplaced the wrist bracelet, and haven't thought about it in a long time. So I have it clipped to my shirt at night. Just wished that the little messages stayed long enough for me to be able to focus on them without my eyeglasses!?

The other thing is that our bed has that super padding on it - it's not a memory foam but close to it. So I noticed that sometimes FB would track as being asleep at specific times when I recall being awake (where I could see a clock face glowing, my iPhone etc), and so if I edit the recode online and have it switch to "sensitive" tracker, it will then show me as awake at that time. And of course, the total time actualy slept drops to a lower number than the time spent in bed.

I've had times where I woke up feeling tired and aware that I had moved but wasn't aware of the time ... And fb would claim I had slept longer, like maybe would claim I had slept 6 hours and in bed seven hours, and that I hadn't been awake at all, and I knew I hadn't gone to the bathroom. But when I switched to sensitive tracker, it would show gobs of clusters of little red lines and my total would then drop to like 4.5 or 5 hours actually slept during the 7 or however many hours in bed.

Would love to see how those numbers track wrh CPAP but blower hours don't always correspond with time the FB is on (and some nights I forget to turn FB activity tracker timer on until I'd been in bed awhile, or even not until middle of the morning (2-3 am etc) and I'd have to adjust it online next day...

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3/5/13 7:57 A

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I have a Fitbit but haven't tracked my sleep in a long time. I think it's just because I'm lazy and don't want to put the wristband on and set it. I don't know how accurate it is; I've seen the steps count wrong when I'm walking, so who really knows?

Thanks for the reminder, though. I may track my sleep on of these days!

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3/5/13 6:03 A

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I'm using my fitbit to track sleep, but don't think it means too much. Anyone have experience? It tracks any movement. I dreamed and felt I slept pretty well last night for 7+ hours but because I moved in my sleep fitbit says I slept only 4. Anyone else using this? Love to hear what you think!

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