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10/7/18 11:58 P

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Reviving this thread since the holidays are coming up quick! Post your tips and ideas!

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11/17/16 11:45 A

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Wow. Great advice! Thanks for posting this.


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11/14/14 3:32 A

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I want a Cookie- Bargaining- Holidays and the Food Demon by Beth Donovan

The Holidays have foods galore sparking around like ornaments on trees glowing to get our attention. What's worse is these are EMOTIONAL FOODS! They bring back memories of childhood or better times, nostalgia.

So we see, we want. Ask yourself a few questions about EMOTIONAL FOODS:

1) Ask yourself WHAT you are wanting to FEEL. Warm, safe and comforted is usually my answer. During the holidays, nostalgic comes to mind. So how can I come by those same feelings without food? Warm luxury soft blankets, funny favorite movies, scented candles, old photos...

2) IF doing something makes you sad or really uncomfortable, don't do it. Looking through old photos brings back good memories to me, but then I get sad missing people and want to kill the pain with food. It used to be that when I was younger, people would bring up how I needed to lose weight at family dinners. Now, I would shut them down by saying "If you really cared, you would bring this up in private and not at a family dinner." If that didn't work, I would start a new tradition and avoid the negative nellies all together. There is no reason to put yourself in painful situations that make you want to overeat or binge later. Love yourself and protect yourself like you would your child.

3) I want a cookie... Well, if I have one, and I going to eat the whole box? PROBABLY! So here is the trick! Do not under any circumstances allow the whole box into your house if they are cookies you like or unhealthy cookies. Get a single cookie or two from a bakery. Leave the bakery and enjoy. Same with ice cream- don't buy it at the store unless it's single serve. Get it out, where you can only have a little.

4) Don't bargain with yourself. It just ends up badly. Have a plan in mind. Make plans ahead of time when you find pitfalls. For example, I found that I get into the box of cookies if they are in the house. I can't bargain myself down to two cookies. SO I wound up making a RULE that I have to get cookies at the bakery and no more than two. NO bargaining.

The food demon is very tricky and seducing. He lies and tells you you are in control. Then he loads high fructose corn syrup and additives into the foods to make us crave like insane people. Don't be fooled. The more natural a product is, the less processed... the better your body will respond and not crave.

Beth Donovan

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