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1/15/12 10:55 P

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This friend and you should be hepling one another to get fit for your enlistment bootcamp---- a true friend would refrain from bringing junk food around and be doing things like exercising together ---good luck to you

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1/4/12 4:19 P

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If you are close I would say something to them about how it is effecting you and making it harder and encourage them to break these habits but if not to at least not bring them around you.

If you know you are going to be hanging out discuss activities and diet ahead of time and don't have distractions around.

It is really hard to stick to your goals when someone close is not respecting your choices so definitely make it a knows problem.

If on the other hand you are not real close give yourself a break until you feel you have better self control and surround yourself with people and things that fit your new life style.

Its like an alcoholic or drug addict trying to quit but hanging out with the same crowd and going to bars. It just does not work!! Unfortunately we all go through changes and there come times when we have to part ways from ones we care about.

Good Luck!!

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1/3/12 4:04 P

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I agree with Megsfitness - sometimes people aren't aware of what their are doing. Just say it if you are good friends one frank comment will not ruin it.

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12/12/11 11:06 A

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I agree 100% with MamaCoop!

If you want to keep your friend and your sanity, could you try to just put it point-blank and say "you're sabotaging my efforts--and your own. Maybe we could go for a walk next time instead of out for fries?"

I heard, if you break a cookie in half.... all of the calories fall out...

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12/12/11 8:18 A

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I hope someone else here can give you a personal answer as I cannot.
HOWEVER, this friend sounds toxic to me. Does your friend have some reason to sabotage your enlistment? For now anyway, I would strongly suggest finding a new friendship circle.
Does your recruiting station have regular PT during the week? My daughter's Marine station holds PT every Wednesday after school and anyone is welcome. (they're in Burnsville, fyi) But I would try to attend as many PT sessions as possible and cultivate friendships there with people who have your best interests at heart.
For better or worse, this friend does not sound like he/she does.
Good Luck!!!

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"God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change ... the courage to change the one I can ... and the wisdom to know it's me."

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12/11/11 11:23 P

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Hi. I have a problem with a friend. My friend is currently in the process of joining the Army, where as myself is in the process of joining the Air Force, and we're both overweight to ship to basic training (his weight is less then mine). Now the problem comes in at food and exercise. He makes it easy to fall off of my diet and makes it harder to do my exercise. He constantly brings unhealthy food around me and basically shoves it into my face making temptation even harder to resist. Does anybody have a friend who is like this? If so, how did you deal with it?


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