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5/14/18 11:04 A

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I don't have any inspirational stories I guess but I eat whole food plant based - very very little oil -salt or sugar and turned 57 this year.
I still need to lose 30 pounds but have lost 25.
I am not on any meds.
My BP is 111/62
My pulse is 52
I have a physical in June and will get blood work and will come back here and report it.
I have no medical conditions and am running my second half marathon in June. I ran a marathon in 2017 in October

My Dad has arthritis and neuropathy and had prostate cancer. he has had 3 strokes and 1 heart attack
My Mom had diabetes and alzheimers and died at age of 68.
Just letting everyone know about my genetic background...there is more but will just leave it at that.
Yesterday on Mother's day I decided once and for all to not eat anything that had a mother!

"We should all be eating fruits and vegetables as if our lives depend on it - because they do."
Dr. Michael Greger

"Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."
~ Dean Karnazes

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4/10/18 11:46 P

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I have been following the Eat to Live lifestyle for about two months now. The best result has been the near elimination of my migraines. Prior to this change I have suffered several times a month for four or five days at a time. Diagnosed with chronic moderate level migraines, I was medicated and living a limited life. I never knew if I could make plans to do things in the future or follow-through on commitments.
I also have lost about ten pounds and feel more like exercising again. It's not that I wasn't able to lose weight in the past, I did. Now I am also becoming healthy and the weight is coming off without giving that my attention. I don't worry about the weight. My focus is my health overall and I just feel so much better.

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3/4/18 6:42 P

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When I started my quest to be healthier and feel better I had not heard of the different ways of eating. I lost much of my total weight loss by cutting calories and exercising more. Eventually I gravitated to whole food plant based and lost the remaining weight. I was able to get off my cholesterol meds but not my high blood pressure and have had osteoporosis that I had been taking meds for. Since then I have needed to start on a cancer drug for which possible side effects were: weight gain, higher cholesterol, higher blood pressure, decreased bone density. I feel this way of eating has helped me to not have weight gain or cholesterol issues and my bone density is hanging in there. My parents had heart disease, diabetes, etc., and I believe eating plant based will give me my best chance of not having these diseases.

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1/9/18 2:43 P

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My husband and I are returning to this after a few years of chaos. When we were more diligent, both of us lots significant weight, and my husband's numbers went from diabetic to normal within 5 weeks. He was off all medication and felt significantly better. I felt a dramatic improvement in my energy, mental clarity, sleep, and overall reductions in aches and pains. We are so excited to go back, and I am working on getting enough of all of my raw greens in daily. This is a great question, and helped me reflect on why we are committing to this:)

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. William Longgood.

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11/29/17 6:56 A

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I was on my way to Whole Foods and happened by a new store called Sprouts. I don't know if it is local, regional, or a chain, but it is priced about the same as WF and I saved 10 miles round trip. They had all of the raw nuts and seeds and organics and speciality items I needed, too. I do buy what I can at my local Kroger and Ingles (they carry some specialty items and are a little cheaper).

Judy EST 2018 SPRING ROWDY REBELS 5% Challenge Extra Leader

At 144 I will be within my acceptable weight range.
Waist measurement of 32" or below healthy for my height. 10" to go.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates

"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be." Albert Einstein

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined" Henry David Thoreau

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6/7/17 12:45 P

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Whole Foods store opened earlier this year....Yea...alittle pricy, but I'm trying to get into more organics....lots of healthy choices....I asked about classes and talks about healthy lifestyle...not yet but, hopefully in the future..

Sunnybridge is another good store...I got an email on their classes...later this month, they are talking about sugar addictions...I'll be going to that one...

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6/2/17 1:04 P

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Hey! I'm brand new to this team, and only recently began eating a Fuhrman style diet 2 months ago! Yesterday was my one month anniversary to becoming fully whole food plant based and it's been great! I've had borderline high cholesterol levels for a few years (last year - total 224, LDL 134, HDL 64, and trigs 115). I was never overweight but did make dietary changes for about 6 months and lost some weight (about 10-15 pounds). A month before my yearly physical I decided to try the engine 2 diet, but leaned toward Fuhrman. My results were amazing. I lost another 5 pounds, my total cholesterol was 128, LDL 60, HDL 57, and trigs 29! I was beyond happy.
So that's my story! Does anyone else have any inspiring health related stories to share? I'm particularly interested in diabetes stories. I myself don't have diabetes but my dad does and I would like for him to try eating this way!
Thanks so much in advance. This way of life is really the best!

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