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1/29/09 11:56 A

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I've been tracking my foods just so I stay above 1500 calories a day. My BMR is 1832.

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1/22/09 11:57 A

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I know that for myself, following the 6 week plan exactly (1 grain serving, 1c soymilk, 1T nuts) even with fruit my calories can dip to between 1000-1200. After a few dsys of that (and getting lightheaded at the gym) I added another 1/2 serving of nuts, and a whole serving of grains to my day. I feel MUCH better! You have to play with it a little.

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1/22/09 4:22 A

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There is some logic to not letting your calories go to low, many things have been written about your body going in to starvation mode and it seems to make sense. If you are truly eating 1 pound of raw, 1 pound of cooked vegetables, fruit, nuts and 1/2 c of grains everyday you are getting good nutrition. AND it would seem you are getting at least 1200 calories. If not, maybe add some fresh fruit.

It doesn't seem to me that you should be gaining at 1200 calories. Are you exercising at all? Have you ever figured your BMR? (Basal metabolic rate)

I personally don't log my food. If I'm eating according to plan, I'm losing weight. Admittedly I stray from plan, and usually pay for it on the scales.

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1/21/09 9:38 P

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Hello all,

Do any of you track what you eat on Spark's nutrition tracker? Many days my total calories fall around 1000-1200 if following ETL closely. However, on spark, it says that if you fall below 1200 calories, your body goes into starvation mode and it really makes every calorie count since it thinks it could be the last...

Do you all agree with this? Has Dr. Fuhrman weighed in on this topic? I've noticed that when I go above 1200 my weight goes up so I'm not sure what to beleive.



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