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4/24/13 6:00 A

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Chia seeds sounds like a great idea! Where are the found in the grocery store?

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9/22/12 7:07 P

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Net carbs.... That depresses me because I have a program on my phone where I track my food. Generally I hit 30-50 carbs and that's total. They even say eggs have one carb each and I generally eat 4 a day. So if I subtract the fiber from my carbs I am hitting my under 30 carb limit each day as I should!!

But the protien part is encouraging. I looked up what someone of my size and activity level should have and it's 110... Wow I get 90 a day max and sometimes less.

So I am going to eat more protein by adding a snack/4th meal a day and that will help I hope by adding protein and a few more calories...

My plan...
Protein above 100
Carbs 20 or under net
Net is just subtracts fiber from the carb per serving??
Calories 1,500ish
I always drink about 120 or more green tea and water per day.

Previously I did
Protein around 80-90
Carbs 30-40
Calories 1,300

And I work out a lot so hopefully the extra calories will keep the weight falling off!

My friend gave me chia seeds and I love them! Just something to keep my mouth busy instead of eating. They are 11 carbs and 10 grams fiber per ounce... Could I eat an ounce of these a day no problem?? Or should I avoid it?

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9/22/12 12:02 P

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Go Paleo!

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9/21/12 12:47 P

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Having done the low carb in the past and having had wonderful results I will offer a little of what I know and what I do. I have started my program again through my Doctor.

Protein = 100g+
Carbs = less than 30 g (gross NOT net)
Fluids = 70 ounces minimum

I do not count calories but I would guess my average is around 1,500.

I just started this program again Sept 1. I've gone up and down on the scale since I started but am down 10 lbs this month. I can do the same thing day after day and sometimes my body fights the weight loss. When I don't drink enough water less than 70 oz my body revolts and I don't lose the weight as I would like.

My favorite salad is higher in carbs than most of my meals but it is great for protein and the carbs are all good carbs, not empty carbs.
Spinach, Gorgonzola, candied walnuts (I make my own using Stevia), low-cal Raspberry-Walnut dressing. If I had an exceptionally tough workout I will also add some grilled chicken strips. You can also add some blueberries or strawberries for additional flavors and nutrients.

Breakfast or any time of the day I love crustless quiche with spinach, swiss and bacon.
Or for breakfast I place a red pepper ring in a skillet sprayed with non-stick spray. Crack an egg in the middle of the pepper and cook it over easy. I add salt and pepper and fresh dill. Sometimes I'll also add diced ham.

I don't eat much grain, it messes with my brain. But if I want a bun on my hamburger or chicken sandwich, I use Sara Lee's 80 calorie buns or bread. It is lower in carbs than "low carb" breads.

A great recipe book out there to help with food options is Stella Style. Its been a life saver when I get in a rut or really want a guilty pleasure.

Good luck!

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9/21/12 5:56 A

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If you are in a bit of a plateau it may change things up a bit for you. It may be worth adding the snacks. Let us know how it goes.

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9/18/12 12:44 A

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One more thing I want to add. I had a trainer who turned me onto all of this and she believed in 3 meals per day no snacks. I was used to 5 or 6 small meals per day before that. I have to say it is a relief to only have to eat 3 times... but I am wondering now if adding in some snacks would be a wise move?? Especially with all the working out I do.

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9/18/12 12:14 A

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Hi. I have been doing the low carb diet from the book "Protein Power" by Dr. Eads now for about a month.

I am 5'10" very healthy female. I have been eating 1,300-1,500 cal. a day and working out a few hours and burning about 700-1,200 a day. I take one day off a week for sure and sometimes I take 2 off. I have also had about 1 cheat day a week too. Going to a restaurant or something like that and having a large meal. I don't go crazy a whole day or several days in a row. I eat bad then get up the next morning workout and go back to eating well.

i also have ketone sticks. They are so dark a lot of the time always show ketones. Doesn't that mean I am burning fat?

I am in incredible shape, feel amazing and see how my body has shaped and changed. I can see my neck again and I am starting to see my chest bones that have been hidden under fat for years...

BUTTTTTT... I started at 260 and the lowest I have gotten is 257. That is not right. I cannot possibly have gained enough muscle to negate the # on the scale. My husband keeps telling me to ignore the scale but I really don't think I should. I need to be losing pounds. The reason I am losing is I want to get pregnant in a few months and really just need to be lighter. I can't carry this heavy body around again through another pregnancy.

So I am going to try to be PERFECT and fabulous with my diet for a month straight NO CHEATING, NO BITES OF THIS OR THAT.... perfection. Really as an experiment to see if it is imperfections in the diet that are throwing me off the weight loss train.

Don't get me wrong I am so happy with the physical changes. But I think I would have gotten those on any diet. The reason I am doing low carb is the health bennefits and quicker weight loss. I would love to lose at least 10 pounds a month for the next 3 months and get to 230 or lower before I start trying to get pregnant again.

So I want to find out from you all what you would consider a "perfect" low carb day... give me menu plans/ideas and I am going to eat right off of them! I really want to do this and I am starting to feel defeated....


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