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RUNNERGIRL819 Posts: 93
7/20/09 4:15 P

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Ya I like the liquids better, or even a fat-free yogurt, it's light and doesnt bother my stomach. SOmeimes I eat more substance in my meals when I am around people just because they are eating.
If I am on my own, I opt for fruit, yogurt and odwalla bars. Light and filling.

Always up for a good dinner, but healthy one at that.
Sometimes if I am visiting a friend and they eat out and fast food and junk, I feel so gross. I don't know how people do that everday!

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7/16/09 3:02 P

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I'm the same way about food - I *do* like a good meal, with a lot of healthy organic and fresh foods. However, I hate to eat just because "it's lunch time" or similar. I find I often look for liquid meals (like a fruit smoothie) when I'm disinterested in eating. I don't like that full feeling, either and loathe fast food or fatty fried foods - those tend to make me feel ill.

My nutrition tracker looks like a roller coaster, half the time I don't get enough calories (or even fats) to meet the minimum recommended, and every other day I'm asked if I'm sure I'm ready to print my report, since there's not much food listed.

I don't even drink coffee to curb my appetite. I just don't really like to eat.

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RUNNERGIRL819 Posts: 93
7/16/09 10:49 A

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Sometimes I wish that we didn't get hungry. I don't like the feeling of being full, or the feeling of food in my stomach. I am really into healthy, organic and fresh foods, fruits and veggies. I hate eating unhealthy fried foods, if I had it my way i NEVER would.... I don't understand how people only eat pizzas and fries and hamburgers all the time. I eat them and I hate how my stomach feels.

Does anyone else not like eating? it's not that I don't enjoy a GREAT meal. But I don't like eating all the time during the day. I'd rather just hold off until a good meal at dinner. But i know this is NOT healthy. I just don't like the feeling of food in my stomach all day. i would rather eat later and then know i don't have the rest of the day to feel like i do after i eat a meal.

Now I don't do this on a daily basis, I eat a healthy breakfast everyday of either a banana or yogurt, and a small lunch, but I keep my meals so small during the day (which i hear is not the way to go) ...I drink coffee a lot because it curbs my hunger without my stomach full of food.
Anyone else with this weird tendency?

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