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9/2/15 10:59 P

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Feeling sick to my stomach and wanting to throw up is a signal to me that I am experiencing low blood sugars. It does not happen all the time, (or if I am asleep) or I may not be aware of it at the time. Once I go beyond that point, then I get into full blown low, with the slurred speech, double vision, shakiness, even inability to move (yes, I have had lows where I could not force me legs to take a step to get to the fridge to get some jam) to think and ultimately lost consciousness.

I have learned over time to recognize the signs. Whenever I start to feel "sick" I reach for my meter. If I know my next meal is within a short time, I will eat just enough to get past the danger signs. However, if it is still going to be a couple of hours or more before I eat, I will have a larger snack.

You need to take notes so you know when you started feeling ill, how long it has been from your last meal and exactly how you felt and what your sugar number is.

This record is invaluable so you can tell how often these episodes happen and the circumstances surrounding them. For example, if you find that eating a certain food at your meal prior to your episode happens frequently, you will know that when you eat that food, you must also eat something else to prevent the episode from occurring.

You will also know what treatments -- Glucose tabs or food (or combination thereof) works best for your recovery.

Just a note of caution -- do not eat something that is loaded with fat or has too much protein when you are trying to treat a hypoglycemic event. The fat and protein tend to slow down the absorption of the glucose (sugar) and it takes longer to achieve the rise you need. The best options are: --

Buy and keep some glucose tabs on hand, by your chair, your bed, in your purse, etc. One tab is usually 4 grams of carbs. Ask your pharmacist, doctor and or Diabetes Educator on the correct method of using them....

When I was first going through education classes it was suggested we buy a roll of "Lifesaver" brand of candies. (I live in Canada and do not know if you have something similar in your area) Note of caution: not for use in extreme situations as the person may not be able to suck on them or could choke.

Buy some pure juice boxes. Pure juice is almost always free of any fibre which can also slow down the absorption of glucose. Juice tends to spike sugar levels so this is often a good option.

I don't often eat jams, but I do usually have a small jar in my fridge. When my brother in law came to my rescue a few months ago he went straight to the fridge and got that jar and a spoon and forced me to eat it. It is easier to melt jam in the mouth and thereby swallow it than to melt the Lifesaver candy... He stayed until my sugar level had returned to a safe range.

If all else fails, you may have to go to the emergency room for immediate treatment. Sometimes EMS personnel may be able to treat you at home. Just be sure that your family and co workers (even church members) are familiar with possible symptoms of lows, and what they can do to help, including calling an ambulance if necessary.

Other members may have some other suggestions.

I hope this helps some. Best wishes to you....


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The other day while a family member was cooking dinner for the family, the smell set off a feeling of not being sure if I was going to be sick or not. It was very strange for me, being as two hours prier I ate a strawberry frozen yogurt and had felt good all day long. Being me, I first tried to ignore the feeling as just being really hungry for dinner. I'm glad my brain wouldn't let me ignore this feeling and kept shooting at me to check my blood sugar. To my surprise I was at 84, compared to my pre-lunch check of 94. I'm pretty sure my feeling was do to my blood sugar, since the sick feeling went away with in five minutes of having a bowl of shredded frosted wheat. I would love to hear of others who had similar experience.

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