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7/19/14 10:34 P

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Don't forget to check your blood sugar before and after exercise.

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7/19/14 4:44 P

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I think the key is to have a little protein (i.e. peanut butter) with whatever carb you decide to have as this will slow the heavy dump of glucose and give a sustained supply of energy during the workout. Have a snack available for after your workout as well, "just in case"

You will probably have a play around with foods and the amounts to find what works best for you....


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7/19/14 12:24 P

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I make a point to eat a light meal (i.e..WW bagel thin with a fresh ground peanut butter smear on top + an apple or blueberries) a few hours ahead of a long run, then one hour before a small banana. That banana is key, as it provides a ready stash of carbs my body can draw upon during my run.

I just ran a 10K race today, and I was not hungry for at least 2 hours after my run ended, so I think my plan works pretty good.

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7/19/14 10:45 A

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I have a 2 part question.
The first is: How intensely do you exercise?

The second part is if you exercise for an hour or longer or have a tough workout, what should you (meaning ME, lol) be using for fuel?

The reason I ask is because I am gaining miles and time on my bicycle. Right now I am around 10 miles and an hour or so at a time. I have been trying to continuously pedal because I am pretty slow and my bike is heavy so it loses momentum fairly quickly.
My Spat and Endomondo trackers put me at several hundred calories burned and I am usually pretty weak and somewhat ravenous when I get home.

I have been doing ok with restraining myself from eating unhealthy after a ride, but think it would do me better to get a bit of a boost during.

I glanced at some of the energy gel last time I was at the sport's store, but they look like pure sugar/carb and I worry about trying them.

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