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2/26/16 8:09 P

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I've only been following a vegan lifestyle since November, so I am not very experienced with this approach to eating. However, I have been able to make the switch quite easily these past four months because I like all foods and I make sure I eat plenty of calorie dense foods like beans, apples, and potatoes along with the lighter greens, salads, and the like. The calorie dense foods fill me up so I am not hungry between meals and seldom tempted to stray.

I also made an effort to find some recipes that are easy and that I like a lot so I don't feel deprived, but look forward to eating. In my case, I love the flavor of dried (soaked overnight) bean dishes cooked in a crock pot. I tried some that I found on the site and now have my favorites. It has helped a lot.

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2/18/16 7:06 P

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Thank you for posting this as I too have seemed to have lost any motivation. I try to eat a plant based diet but time and time again I end up eating something I shouldn't. emoticon I seem to restart time and time again. I appreciate the suggestions that have been given, to start slowly. I wish you luck on your journey to eating healthier. emoticon

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2/18/16 6:56 P

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How about starting small and building on that foundation? That's what I did when I started over 3 years ago. I knew if I put too much pressure on myself, had to follow a "diet" plan, or felt like I was being deprived, it wouldn't work for me so I made sure those things didn't happen.

I made a promise to myself that I would do these 5 core things every day:
Stay within my daily calorie range
Portion control my food using a digital kitchen scale / measuring spoons
Track all my nutrition
Make sure I am drinking enough water for me
Move my body every day

Am I always successful? No. Sometimes I do go over my caloric range but I track it all anyway because that's what I promised myself. Sometimes I don't drink enough water. There are times I have to "eyeball" my portions carefully. And there days when I could have moved my body more.

But I still do those 5 core things because they are the foundation for the success I've had so far. I made peace with the fact that I may have to do them for the rest of my life and I'm okay with that.

Here's to you figuring out what will work best for you. I wish you much success on the journey to becoming the healthiest you can be.

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2/18/16 10:23 A

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Please don't look at SPARK PEOPLE as a diet or expect any immediate visible weight loss. think of this as a new way of life. Start adding more veggies and fruit to your daily consumption, Make sure you have an apple a day - for starters. Add a salad to at least one meal a day. Perhaps a steamed veggie with dinner. BABY STEPS will get you where you want to be. Read all you can in the resources that SPARK provides..and basically ease your way into it. You will do fine. emoticon

you could try....NO WHITE FOOD.. cut out white bread, pasta helps too..

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2/18/16 8:54 A

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I've been on a constant diet struggle since I was 10. My goal to lose weight is to be healthier and of course have more energy to enjoy things in my life. I was able muster up the motivation and resolve to go on the DR OZ Total10 diet plan and stayed on it for the 10 days. I lost weight, looked great and had more energy but alas the lemon water in the morning wrecked my stomach so excuses, excuses have not gone back.I picked this plan because the food was healthy and I believe in eating organic as much possible. Can't seem to get the motivation back!! Weeks are going by, months are going by and each day is the same- today is the Day but never seems to happen!!

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