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8/20/15 12:54 P

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I just joined this group and haven't even introduced myself yet but wanted to chime in.

Yes, breathe. I think you are over-thinking this goal stuff. It really is just a way for you to keep a checklist of things that are important to you.

I found the goal list just too much work. For me, it was far better just to focus on tracking my food intake and exercise tracking.

You can go in and just delete these goals or keep them and put in the number of items you think you can cover in a day, or week. It sounds like you a blowing the goals out of the water and would need to adjust them anyway. If you have 1 x fruit per day listed and you are consuming 4 fruits then you don't really need this goal since you have already conquered it.

Hoping all the above makes sense...

Good luck

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8/13/15 12:13 P

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Yes I have been wondering if my points for tracking automatically show up as points for the team.

"Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now." ~ Denis Waitley

It's hard to beat a person that never gives up.~Babe Ruth

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8/13/15 6:38 A

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Oh! I see the problem with the tracking food. I'm not sure what number to enter either. I tried the number of calories I'd eaten because idk what else I'm supposed to put there. I think the fitness is still tracked automatically though.

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8/13/15 6:32 A

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I think mostly you just join the goals you want to help out on and think are reasonable for you to do. I only signed up for the fitness per month and tracking food 4x a week one. I might be mistaken, but I think that the information just gets pulled from the information I'm tracking anyway.

I wouldn't mind trying something like the recipe one, but where I live it's a bit hard to find a great variety of vegetarian food items, especially those called for in a lot of recipes so I just sort of make things up for the most part because that works for me.

Anyway, hope that helps!

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8/13/15 4:12 A

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Breathe emoticon . Track what really matters to you and let the rest go emoticon


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8/12/15 9:28 P

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Could someone with some patience (because I'm feeling like a dodo for not getting this) please help me understand/answer questions about the team goals? My problems might be because all the teams seem to track things differently! and my brain is fried from running in the sun! emoticon WARNING: Question Mark OVERLOAD imminent!

Goal 1 : Choose a Protein rich snack at least one time per day
If I eat one, I enter 1. If I eat 6 snacks, and four have protein, I'd enter...4? If don't have any snacks I just leave the plus sign alone?

Goal 2: Try a new fruit, vegetable or vegetarian recipe 1 time per week
If I eat one, I enter 1. If on thAT same day I make a new recipe...I add one more for a total of 2? If don't have any anything new I just leave the plus sign alone? but that's okay, because it only NEEDS to be once a week...but it could be everyday and more than once?

Goal 3 : Post in this Spark Team 3 Times per week
Does that mean the forums specifically? Posting a blog doesn't count because it isn't specific to this team? same for the team wall? And If in one day I post in 20 CAVV forum topics, I'd enter a 20? You don't have to start a new topic...just participate in an ongoing discussion?
*** I SEE THERE IS NO TEAM PROGRESS IN THIS GOAL...why is that? People are definitely posting... I didn't join that goal, because of my rampant confusion with tracking anything! lol! or I should say my fear of doing things wrong!

Goal 4 Track your daily food intake on the Food Tracker 4 times per week
If I enter my breakfast into the tracker, I enter 1. If I then enter lunch I change it to 2? etc for dinner=3? For snacks add one? What if I only did breakfast and flaked out on lunch and dinner? shouldn't enter anything? or is it still 1?

Goal 5 Do 500 minutes of fitness activities per month HOORAY IT"S DOING THIS ON IT"S OWN!!!!! emoticon Wait, it is, isn't it?

One more thing...points for the team...they come from me following through on the above goals? Is that it? Is there something about the wheel on My Spark Points page? does it go beyond spinning it? and the Bonus Wheel means nothing to the team?

Gosh I sure hope that is it for my questions! (doubtful, sorry!)

Thanks to whomever helps me gain the knowledge to be a productive and accurate team member! emoticon I think I have some goodie points I will see if I can reward you with more than my extreme gratitude!
and I sure do apologize for missing what is no doubt obvious AND if I've been doing things wrong.
Most Sincerely, lovijo
"Have a good night, and a pleasant tomorrow."

Do they make "Days of the Week" sports bras? ;)

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