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4/19/15 5:59 A

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I was vegetarian for 35 years before I had a eureka moment and realised that whilst ever I was consuming dairy products I was condoning the cruelty that goes with it . I have been vegan now for 4 years and am thriving ! I had a complete health check this week and I am lacking nothing , not even B12 so I must be doing something right !!! I am 77 in a few weeks time and am in better health than when I was 27 . As far as protein is concerned ( the usual concern ! ) there is plenty of protein in a plant based diet believe me . Nuts , seeds , beans , lentils , green leafy vegetables , all these and more contain all the protein you will ever need .
Do consider trying a vegan way of life . If you feel cautious then eat eggs ( free range of course ) until you are confident that you can become fully vegan . There are masses of books on the subject that will help you . Enjoy your vegan life . Many blessings be yours .

4/19/15 1:46 A

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My name is Linda.
I like beading, scrabble, and the internet, specifically Facebook. I am a member of a forum called VeggieBoards. If you haven't heard of it yet and are vegetarian or vegan then you should check it out!
I've been vegetarian now again for almost a week and this time I plan to stick with it. I include dairy and eggs, mostly so i can get enough protein but the more I learn about dairy the more I wonder if maybe I should nix that too. It's not hat it's horrible for people, it's just that it's not actually necessary for good health and it's very horrible for the poor cows.
I am very hefty, weighing in at 295pounds the last I checked. I got that way eating too much of everything, even healthy vegetarian things.
Things have been getting better for me and my health since January. Starting at 312pounds I started seeing a personal trainer two times a week and now i see them three times a week. On the days i don't see them i do cardio. I've been trying to eat about 1600 calories a day.
I joined SP today and i Love it here already!
My worst problem right now is late night eating. I can eat a huge filling dinner but every night when my body starts to feel tired I also get restless and shaky. My thoughts become filled with visions of vegan pea soup and almond butter etc. Tonight it was light popcorn and a half an ounce of cheese. I haven;t been doing binges though and that is a big improvement.
I just wanted to say and introduce myself. I hope I get to know some of you. It's 1:45am. I'm glad tomorrow is Sunday. It's another cardio day tomorrow. The weather will be perfect!

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