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10/23/12 7:59 P

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Welcome. I agree with the others. Tracking is a key to weight loss. Track everything you put in your mouth. Even cough drops, breath mints and gum. It may sound like overkill but there are calories in them too - empty calories since they have no nutritional value. Start an exercise plan, even if it is only walking - I walk at least a mile a day. I have health issues that prevent most workout routines. Tai chi is also an option for me and that helps with balance and stress too.

Most important is to not think about it as dieting. It is a lifestyle change to healthy eating. I finally started seeing results when I got that 4 letter word out of my vocabulary. SparkPeople really helped me. Explore the site and find your "niche" where you can get the best out of what SP has to offer.

emoticon and we are here to help. You don't fail until you give up.




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10/23/12 5:27 P

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WELCOME!! First and foremost you have to want it. Explore SP, it is a wonderful site for education, tools and support. Begin to make changes - decreasing calories, increase exercise. What has helped me is to start out slowly. Walking is an excellent exercise (so many health benefits). Tracking (writing down everything you eat) is helpful as is learning the calorie count of foods. If there is something that you eat regularly that you know is adding to your problem - give it up, exchange for a healthy veggie or fruit or eat half as much of it - this is a start. Think positive - emoticon Good luck to you. -Rose


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10/22/12 6:47 P

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Oh please don't ask my opinion! I have one about everything! LOL!! Well, since you're writing on the vegetarian/vegan board I think this is a good time for me to share this opinion: There are some people who say there's no such thing as a fat vegetarian; or that you can eat as much as you want as a veg. Unfortunately, that is not everyone's experience. Wish it were. But I'm here to tell you, I can overeat even healthy things, and gain weight as a consequence. The fantastically fabulous thing about veg/vegan is that you're eating nutritionally dense food, so you're healthier. (Now, there are also veg/vegan junk foods, but let's not even think about them!) Ok, so you're eating good-for-you stuff. We still have to watch that we don't O.D. on the nuts, for instance. Or worse, the nut butters. And oils. And if you eat eggs & cheese, those have to be watched, as well. But with all the things we DO eat (for which there are many fantastic recipes on this site), we don't ever have to feel hungry or deprived or like we're dieting. I'm losing weight right now, eating fantastic bean & grain combos with vegetables I enjoy, and I'm having fun with it! Fun has not been part of any past weight-loss plan, believe me! And I do eat the nuts & nut butters, for instance. There's no deprivation. I'm just careful.

And then eating healthy has inspired me to take a walk during the day. So one healthy step can lead to the next. I think the "secret" is to take one step. Just one. Maybe just learn more stuff from SP for now. When you're ready, take another step. Don't judge yourself harshly and don't feel that punishment is any part of getting healthy.

That's my 2-cents' worth! Good luck!


Some people think the “plant-based whole foods diet” is extreme. Half a million a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery. Some people would call that extreme.
- Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, “Forks Over Knives”
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10/21/12 9:29 P

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The REAL secret is found in the Spark People website.
Explore lots and you will see what I mean.
I warmly welcome you!


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10/21/12 8:24 P

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I'm the mother of three beautiful boys, need to take this weight off, for sure
If anyone has any secret tip on how to make this happen
Please help!

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