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7/14/08 7:40 A

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I agree. Take time for yourself. I did 1 year of law school (did well, but hated it). I gained 20 pounds during that time. Too much time sitting and reading and not enough time moving around. Also, around exam times, comfort food (read: heavy, fat- and calrie laden food) was so very appealing. Indulge from time to time, but don't overdo it.

Good luck on your studies.

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7/10/08 10:18 A

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First of all: Good luck with your studies!

The most important lesson I have learned from 4 years of graduate studies (in psychology of all things - you'd think they'd actually teach us this - they don't), is to put my physical and mental wellbeing ahead of everything - including studies. It's really easy to get lost in the latest assignment, the push for making the best grades, getting more pubs/hours/experience. It's really easy to forget that you need good food, exercise, and plenty of sleep to actually cope with the stress of constantly being overwhelmed with too many things that need done. And don't underestimate doing fun things. I have learned to go to movies and concerts by myself. I also include family and friends in my life as much as possible, and I have two cats that are always happy to see me after a long day at school. Social support is really important, and if nothing else, this group is great when you have a freak-out moment, which is how I found it. And enjoy Boston! I loved it there when I visited.

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7/8/08 6:33 A

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Welcome to the team! I actually did my undergrad and master's in Boston -- you're going to love it there!

Boston is actually quite a nice city to do plenty of walking, as everything is fairly close together. There are also a number of nice walking trails, such as the Esplanade along the Charles River, and the Freedom Trail through downtown Boston. Both are gorgeous trails (especially in the spring!), and you'll find a number of other exercisers. Newbury Street is also great for a stroll, if you can resist the temptation to shop!

Make the most of your time in Boston, and get some exercise by walking along these great trails and streets. You'll get to know your new "home" more, and get some cardio in the process.

Your university probably also has a gym. Try to set aside a few blocks of time each week to get in there. I like to go in the morning, before classes. It gets you pumped up for the rest of the day, and even gives you time to think about what's ahead (but don't dwell on it!).

Forget the junkfood at home. You're going to be spending enough time sitting and reading that you don't need the temptation of chips and ice cream! If you have healthy snack food around, when you do need that pick me up, at least you're getting some nutrition out of it, and not empty calories.

Long bouts of reading and studying are inevitable in grad school, but be sure to give yourself breaks here and there. Going for a light walk, or even doing a video here on Spark can give you that mental break, and boost your energy for a bit.

And, my last bit of advice: Always be carrying a water bottle!

Good luck! Enjoy Boston -- it is a wonderful city.

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7/3/08 2:47 A

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HI, I think the biggest thing is to make sure you have healthy snacks and quick meals. I know that I often get so involved in my work that I can't think about food until I'm starving and then I go straight for fatty, salty or sugary foods that are quick and unhealthy. Currrently I try to make sure I make double-size dinners and then I have leftovers ready for the next day. I also have lots of nuts, fruit, yogurt and raw veggies to snack on.

Other big thing - work out at least a little in the morning. If you put it off it won't happen. At least not for me anyway. And working out before I start studying gives me the energy I need for the day.

Good luck to you!

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6/24/08 1:01 P

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Welcome, Connie.

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6/4/08 9:11 A

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Thanks for joining, Connie! Feel free to ask any questions you want, this group is a very helpful one.

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6/3/08 6:42 P

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Hi, I'm Connie. I'm starting law school in August in Boston. I really need some good pointers on how to stay healthy while studying- all tips and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


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