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4/9/12 2:40 P

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emoticon to the team. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

My name is Joanna not Joanne, please and thank you.

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RESOLUTE on figuring out what weight loss looks like for me.
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4/8/12 3:38 P

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Thanks so much CYNTHIA..
I have had my day with fad diets and doing what I want now in moderation. I am loving the smoothies and do eat at times. I enjoy trying out different variations this way also and things I cannot chew.
I keep plenty busy advocating these days and also go to our capitol. My favorite is advocating in the schools, not because I think the kids deserve more, but they deserve equality.
I am not so sure I have more energy than you, it is a 'have to' do thing:) I am usually in bed by 8pm with the kids and then I get up about 3am for 'alone' time...
Have a great and blessed day


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4/8/12 6:07 A

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hi Sarah,
Welcome! It sounds like you're off to a great start with exercising and "eating green." Just make sure that you don't adopt any diet that you cannot or will not maintain. I love your Spark name....and how great that you are raising young children...God bless you, you have a lot more energy than I do!
Please feel free to join our daily Chat thread and let us get to know you.

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4/7/12 11:35 A

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Thanks Linda for the welcome. calorie counting is the most difficult for me. I have a file in my documents where I log what I eat. Going green is natural to me. I am so loving it, but like I said, I do not wig out when I eat something else. I just simply make it a 1 portion size. Pasta is my biggest weakness and I fix spaghetti at least 1x per week, so I take a 1 single size serving of whole wheat pasta and add olive oil and fresh tomato and onion with spices for me. One night I made Chocolate Mousse with banana and avocado with unsweetened cocoa powder. It was so good and certainly satisfied any sweet craving I had.
Have a great weekend..

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4/7/12 11:12 A

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emoticon to Spark People!
I have had RA since age 6.5 and have had lots of experience dealing with it. Eating healthy and getting regular exercise is a must to help deal with it. Trying fad diets is never the answer. I lost my weight eating normal foods, geared towards vegtarian and simply tracked everything I ate, keeping it in the proper calorie range based on what I was doing for exercise. I had never tracked, weighed or measured my food before and it made a huge difference. Even when I had surgeries and couldn't exercise, I still maintained my weight. All things are possible if you put your mind to it!
All the best with your goal! You are off to a great start!

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4/7/12 11:08 A

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Angel, Thank you for the reply. I do take D and D3.I also take B12. I always been into vitamins and herbs. I have a cousin who is a herbologist and a niece who is studying to be a ND . Periodically I do a complete detox.
I have a friend I go to the club with and we are talking about the water class or just going and doing it on our own. She is doing Atkins. If I am going to eat meat or anything extra, I do low carb, low fat. I was having a hard time cutting loose of coffee and for the past few days, it just has not tasted good, so this may be a good time to quit and maybe do herbal teas. I already have a mint garden.
Anyway, my kids are up now. talk later..Sarah

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4/7/12 12:55 A

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Sounds like you are moving well in a good direction. I find that fish oil helps my RA also. Supplementing vitamin D also helped me a lot, especially in regaining decent energy levels. Studies have shown that most of us with RA have low levels of this important vitamin. I do hope you decide to join the water aerobics group. Water exercise really helps. I go free swimming on my own instead of taking a class because my health issues limit what I can do, so it is easier to go on my own, doing my own thing, but any exercise you can do helps. Water supports your joints and lessens negative impact on them. The social interaction can be a real motivator, too, even for loners like me. I've developed friendships with others who swim at the same pool at similar times. We look out for each other. A wide range of ages and figure types go, many of them swimming for health or injury related reasons. Invest in a comfy suit and dive in! God Bless!

"Mountains DO move...One stone at a time." ~Rick Beneteau
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With exercise, doing some is always better than doing none. - Spark article
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4/6/12 6:34 P

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Thanks Linda. I went into a hot tub the other night and let the jets hit my sore hand awhile and surprisingly, I had a pain free night and the next day. It felt so good.

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4/6/12 6:20 P

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Sounds like you are on right track! I ffinally put on a bathing suit & tried a water class-yes,it's
humbling but who care! Enjoy yourself! Welcome!

"It's not the mountains ahead that wear you out-it's the grain
of sand in your shoe"-unknown

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4/6/12 2:59 P

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My name is Sarah. I will be 60 this year and am finally taking my health seriously after years of being sedentary, eating wildly, etc. I was dx'd with diabetes at 28, but also at 18, was told I was borderline.
About 3 years ago, was told I have RA. The main symptoms I am having at this moment is 1 finger is twisting and is painful. For a long time, I have slept with my hand between two pillows as a cushion and I battle with water weight. I am looking for a ND.
For me, flax seed oil was helping. About a month ago, I started taking fishoil and was so shocked that I woke up to no pain.
I weigh in at 231 and would like to lose a large amount of weight. last year, I did HCG and lost down to 206 from 254. My husband became ill and ended up with a liver transplant. After that I let go of my dieting, etc. I ended gaining back all of it and then on 1/9/12, I began low carb. I was concerned about the fats and all the protein though. After going through the illness with my husband, things that affect the liver scare me, not to mention I have kidney disease.
On March 8, I began to look at vegetarian eating and this seemed very good to me. But, because of diabetes, I was not crazy about beans and legumes. I started eating a lot of salads, etc. During this time, I was feeling so much better and finally had energy. Oh yes, I even joined a gym with another friend and that has been a plus.
Then I started seeing things about smoothies and thought :"WOW! This could be great. Since I only have upper denture, I could get the blender to do the chewing for me:)"
Well, on March 20th, I bought me a great blender and have been doing mainly smoothies now. I have had some boneless skinless chicken breast and salmon. I still struggle with giving up ranch dressing and coffee. Anyway, since March 20 to 3/31, I have lost 10 pounds.
I usually go to the gym at least 3 x weekly and am getting involved with Silver Sneakers group. Eventually, I will have the courage to don a swimming suit and join in water aerobics.
I am not advocating 1 way of eating as we all have to do whatever it takes. Right now though, this is working for me.
I am mostly trying to avoid taking drugs. I may need to at some point though and I feel it would be for a reason.
I also have two special needs children still at home, ages 7 & 11. My 11 yr old has Autism and Shaken baby Syndrome and my 7 yr old has emotional problems. They are what keep me going though.
I like making friends and hopefully I will here. I am a people person.
If you are wondering about my screen name, it is because I am an advocate for those with disabilities and specialize in special education law (no degree). Pr 31:8 says ..."Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves"....
Thanks for listening...Sarah

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