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5/8/15 10:58 A

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Welcome to the team. I"m here if you ever need anything.
Good luck with all of your goals!



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2/20/15 9:32 A

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Hi! Congrats on your wedding and great start on your weight-loss! Keep up the great work! You could join us on the St. Patrick's Day Challenge thread. We have a new challenge each month, and you set your own goals and go at your own pace. There are lots of lovely ladies to motivate and encourage you.


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2/11/15 9:36 P

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Welcome to our lovely team! I hope you are doing well and I'm so happy to have you with us. I pray you accomplish and receive your dream of a beautiful family(my dream too)!

This year will be your YEAR! 2015 is the year for you! It will be challenging, but trust me it is so rewarding afterwards! I have been through some similar issues you have/are experiencing.

I use to be around 230lbs and now am around 154lbs. My transformation happened over a period of a year. I was so fed up with myself that I literally went to the gym angry at myself. I didn't starve myself, but I did slowly eat healthier and took a class in Nutrition at my university (was so eye opening).......In the beginning, and throughout that journey; like you; I never thought I would find someone. But I did. I met someone who was beyond what I ever imagined.

"Never finding someone" and devaluing myself were such insidious and untrue thoughts. Weight or what you look like truly means so little to your actual existence and purpose in this world. In a way I'm happy I went through all that. It has made me a stronger person, and I can't wait to have babies & teach them to LOVE themselves from the start of their lives, and not to judge others (& be healthy)! I just can't wait for that.

Am glad we are both in better places.
I'm also glad your husband loves you! My husband is great like that too. He was one of the first people, outside my family, to really finally accept me in every way. It has certainly help me grow to love myself.

I will certainly offer you support, and many others here will too. You are welcome to message me anytime and I'll be sure to check in on you soon.

Please hope you are well! Take care and have a blessed week!

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2/5/15 1:01 P

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You are a smart lady to think about your health and future like that. We will be here to motivate you whenever you need it!

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12/12/14 10:15 P

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Hi. I am in the same spot as you. I get married in 2013. My husband and I are in a place where we are ready to start a family. I'm 33 so I don't want to wait to much longer but I'm not in the shape I should be in to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. I'm 5'8" and my starting weight was 283. My husband is amazing and supportive but he knows I need to get healthy. I have high blood pressure and a pinched sciatic nerve. Both will get worse if pregnant and gain weight. I am doing my best to get in better shape. If you are looking for a friend to talk to and to motivate each other we have a lot in common so I think we could be great help to each other.

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12/12/14 7:39 A

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I have gained a bit of weight since my wedding and am at my highest yet and my husband and I have decided that we would like to start trying for a family in the spring. I need to lose about 30-40 lbs before I would feel comfortable with starting to try. But I feel so unmotivated to workout and eat healthy, but I know the spring is going to come quickly and if I am not where I want to be will be putting it off, so I really need to get motivated, just not really sure where to start. I think I am just going to start and trying to eat healthier and make healthier food decisions and try adding in small workouts here and there when I can. Good luck to you and I am sure you can work your way to a healthy weight! Lets do this together!

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12/11/14 10:05 P

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I agree with previous posters.

You're here and on the right track. Try to keep positive thoughts about getting pregnant and wanting a healthy pregnancy at the forefront of your mind to keep as motivation through this. And forgive yourself if you are not perfect. I allow myself cheats, guilt free. And I have had to learn to not completely fall off my diet if I mess up and have a bad meal or a day doesn't go exactly as planned. Think that every little positive thing you do, adds up and is already making you healthier than you would have been if you didn't start this diet.

Keep going! You can do it!

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12/4/14 9:43 A

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Hi LEININGIRL, You can do it small steps to start and you will reach your goal.
emoticon emoticon

"I never said it would be easy... I only said it would be worth it"

Take advantage of every free moment you have.

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12/2/14 3:11 P

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Not too long ago, I was in the same boat as you. Nearly 300lbs with health problems that prevented me from getting in the sort of hard workouts that I needed to get in shape. I also had to teach my brain and my body that I didn't have to absolutely stuff myself at every meal, and that food was just fuel to keep myself going during the day, not a comfort system or a pastime or a sport or anything! lol That was the hardest thing. Especially just learning to eat until I was satiated, not until I was full.

I think it's excellent that you have a husband who's willing to support you and tells you he loves you just the way you are. That gives you the sort of encouragement you need to get healthy, but not the negative pressure that a lot of people's families give them when they're overweight. Like, "Why don't you just eat less?" As if that's really all there is to it.

I'm also 29 (30 in a couple weeks though!) and about the same height as you. :) I'd be happy to offer encouragement and feedback whenever I can!

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12/1/14 9:55 P

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Erin, I'm 29, 5'8" and I weigh 286. I'm newly married to an amazing man, who lost 160 lbs. before we met. He's a great inspiration and the kind of man I always dreamed of marrying and starting a family with. That's just where we are, ready to start our family.

I haven't been to any doctors for pregnancy counseling yet, but this is because I know I need to lose weight. 286 clearly isn't a healthy weight for me and not anywhere near where I would need to be to consider trying to get pregnant. I think that for so long I told myself that I wasn't every going to find someone to spend my life with and was never going to be able to have children that I just let myself go. And herein lies the problem.

My husband loves me at any size. While he would love to see me fit and healthy and has always had this dream that we could go running together, he understands that I am at a hard place right now, and he often tells me that he would love me no matter what I looked like. But we both know that with histories of obesity on both sides of our family, we would need to be smart about teaching our future children about healthy eating and exercise...I can't do that at nearly 300 lbs. I am also a Crohns' disease patient and would already be in the "high risk" pregnancy category. Since there isn't anything I can do to make my Crohns go away, the smartest thing I can do for me, my husband and our future family is to finally get fit and start to view myself and healthy and beautiful.

I have always had problems with weight loss in the past, and I know that I will have obstacles this time too. I would greatly appreciate any help that any of you could give me to help me stay motivated and on track and to finally lose this weight for good!

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