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10/22/13 11:54 A

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Welcome to the team. I'm here if you ever need anything.
Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Good luck with all of your goals!



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9/25/13 10:00 P

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Thanks for sharing your story wishing you the best of luck

"I never said it would be easy... I only said it would be worth it"

Take advantage of every free moment you have.

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9/25/13 4:36 P

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Hello y'all!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Just a few words to introduce myself and let you know about my personal journey...

I'm a 31yo currently living in Cincinnati OH with the greatest husband possible and a beautiful 18 month old baby boy. I know a lot of people here may have trouble conceiving .. and for me to say I have an 18 month old baby may be hard to read for some folks. I remember how hard it was for me when I was trying to conceive to read about other peoples children, I was so envious.

I married the man of my dreams 09/09/2006. We started within a year or so to conceive. We spent 1 year just trying on our own to conceive and nothing happened for us.. In 2008 we started seeking medical advice. I was diagnosed shortly after with PCOS. I was devastated. I knew what that meant... I know my fight wasn't over, I knew it was just starting.. I knew that it was possible my fight would continue forever and never end. I may never have the family I had always dreamed about. I was completely and totally devastated when I left the Doctors office that day.. Words cannot describe the pain I felt.. I remember driving around in my car crying all by myself for an hour. I knew when my husband came home from work I was going to have to tell him that there is something wrong with me. I was broken, damaged, no good. I went over in my brain over and over again what I was going to say, I was going to offer him to just leave and find a wife who wasn't broken... who could easily give him the family he wanted. I was prepared to crawl in a dark hole and stay there forever all alone.

I explained to my husband what had happened.. I offered for him to walk away and I wouldn't hate him, let him go... find someone "better". He declined of course, he wasn't leaving my side. We set up another appointment with the doctor and discussed our options. The doctor immediately put me on Metformin and told me to let the metformin do it's work for 6 months and see if this would help. We left the appointment feeling great. We just knew within 6 months we would be pregnant with our baby!

Well, our 6 months came, and went... and no baby. I called a fertility specialist and we started doing rounds of clomid... we tried clomid 6 times... It didn't work - It didn't almost work - no ovulation - not a single egg. The fertility doctor tried a few other drugs.. multiple months pass and before I knew it, it was April of 2011. We were getting ready to celebrate 5 wonderful years together.. and 4 years of trying for a baby. But still... no baby.

Finally I told my husband, I'm finished. I can't take this any longer.. I just can't - I'm too upset. He understand and said to me... Lets give another doctor a try, just for 3 months. If it doesn't work - We will give up and explore other options. I agreed.. I set up an appointment with a new doctor and we had our first consultation appointment in June of 2011.

We went to the new doctor explained the issues and devastation.. and I just asked him. Can u help me? Or should I give up? He said - Honestly - I don't know, but I'd be willing to give it my best shot. So we went over the medications i'd taken and that I was taking and he said had me continue on the path I was on with Metformin and at that point I was up to Femara. He said - Lets add Actos to the mix and see what happens... So I said why not - We started doing this new mix of medications.. I went to the doctor again late June 2011 and I FINALLY had an Egg.. Just 1 egg... he said no guarantees and not to get excited, but I FINALLY had an egg. He gave me a shot that would cause ovulation and told me to go home practice!

I went home that day and we practiced a few times actually - The doctor told me to wait 2 weeks and take a pregnancy test. Then call with the results. I didn't take a pregnancy test at 2 weeks because I was finished with the disappointment .. My husband came home from work and asked me how long it had been and I said about 2.5 weeks.. he said WHAT - Lets test!! I had about 25 tests under my cabinet because I was testing so often at that point... So we went ahead and tested. It was POSITIVE!!! We tested 4 more times and they were all positive!!

So on July 17 2011 I found out I was pregnant with the most perfect baby boy ever.. We are SO blessed to have him. We recently decided to start our journey again..

Anyway! I hope I can join with you guys and work on our challenges and goals together.. : )


~~Sinister Sara~~

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