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4/24/13 9:58 A

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Hi Rebecca,
I'm so sorry to hear how unwell you have been. The wonderful news is that you now have the information you need to get back on the road to well being. It will take time, be kind to yourself and accept there will be difficulties ahead, but you can do it.
I too have an underactive thyroid, celiacs, lactose intolerence and am now pre-diabetic so along with many others here I get what you mean about "what can I eat?" The answer is you get creative - lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds. I also like the lactaid milk - milk without the lactose. I also have oats - gluten free of course but you will need to see how you react to them if you choose. Quinoa is great as well. I have browsed celiac and diabetic websites for meal ideas.
Is your thyroid a long standing issue? If so, you may find that as your small intestine heals you need less medication as you start absorbing the medicine better - that was my experience.
I also agree - ask your dr for a referral to the dietician - they are superb at really being able to drill down expertly into your issues. I have also found my local chapter of the celiac disease society to be amazing - check out to see if o have one locally too.
Good luck and post as you can, whenever you need ideas or support.


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4/24/13 12:23 A

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Welcome. This is a great, very supportive team. You will find much kindness here!

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4/23/13 8:46 P

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Hello and welcome. It's not uncommon at all for Celiacs to be diagnosed with many other issues. I had diverticulitis and the worst heartburn in the world along with colitis. The thing is that you can control your issues through your diet and in time you will see that as a blessing. I have come to know so many people with Celiac that are so much sicker than this. It is hard at first and it's normal and perfectly okay to feel confused, aggravated and hungry. But once you get used to it, it becomes sort of fun challenge to see how creative you can be in the kitchen. You will be very proud of yourself if you stick to it and you wont believe how much better you feel. There is rice and almond milk, instead of regular milk and they are both great. Some of those things you are restricted from, you might be able to have again one day if you can gain control of your other health issues. But, you can never have gluten. I, like many busy moms, had fallen into some pretty bad habits, without even realizing it. I sometimes feel like this diagnosis saved not only me, but my whole family. If you don't have access to a dietician, read as much as you can on the subject so you know the hidden terms for gluten. That's takes alot of getting used to. Also, remember that is often contained in your shampoo, conditioner, makeup and other products so you have to check that out too. I was very overwhelmed at first but it will become second nature and you won't believe how much better you will feel. Good Luck and keep posting so we know how you are doing.

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4/22/13 10:06 P

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Welcome and you got a lot of info to start with.


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4/22/13 9:19 P

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Welome! sorry to hear about all your issues. It sounds like you need to follow a vegetarian and gluten free diet. Please check our sticky topics. There should also be some regarding gluten free & vegetarian. Our members have spent a lot of time giving suggestions and links to reference sites, recipes, ideas and more. I agree that the doctor should have referred you to a dietician for help. You do need to change your mindset. The old foods are what caused the issues so you need to change your way of eating in your mind. Find what you can eat instead of thinking of what you can't eat. Contacting a support group in your area is always advised.

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4/22/13 5:17 P

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Hi, I am kind of like you on my diet. You have to change your mindset and think about all the things you can eat. Instead of bread I make up Pamela's gluten free mix. I usually toss in some canned green smoked peppers to make it taste even better. Or the other day I added in some canned pumpkin and brown sugar along with pumpkin pie spices. I didn't follow a recipe, but it worked out great. It tasted like gingerbread. They can be cut up and used as sandwiches too if you make them big enough.

There are many gluten free recipes on line Morning Star makes lots of tasty meat substitutes.

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4/22/13 10:26 A

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Sorry for all your issues. I am surprised he didn't send you to a nutritionist. That is where I would go.

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4/22/13 7:39 A

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Hi my name is Rebecca. For the longest time I have had digestive issues. The Dr. I am seeing told me I have Diverticulosis (not itis) and that I have IBS. Recently I had more extensive testing done and it was found that I have a thyroid dysfunction, type 2 diabetic, lactose intolerant, and celiac disease among other issues the require me to take prednisone daily. I can not eat meat, even poultry and fish, because it makes me physically ill. So no meat, no dairy, no sugar, and now no gluten. emoticon To be honest I am not sure what I can even eat anymore. Hoping that posting here I can get a few good suggestions on what I can and can not consume. Thanks

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