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10/23/11 2:21 P

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I know that the doctor can not help if answers are not there. We rely on doctors. If everyone guessed no real people statistic counts and social changes could be based on accurate counts. Together we can help for change. I once felt as you do; why spend my money to help others? Why must I eliminate nutritious delicious convenient foods? My answer is the answer is only about one question. The outside-the-box-and-beyond facts told me that even when I only scored a ‘3’ in my Antigliaden test, it did not state using gluten would not hurt. Allergy is often a white blood battle; intolerance is often an inflammation causing issue. They cloud and crowd the facts and senses until you seem more confused that before the question was posed. By asking the first question it tells the medical chart and societal statistics there is enough discomfort to try. My score of three was not an eleven or a twenty so mine is not a true allergy. The test may reveal some unexpected answers but the motions of asking state a lot about you. I am considered non-Celiac. How do they explain my huge health improvement when I went gluten-free, 100%pure? I am now considered Gluten Intolerant. My health and my health care providers can see in my numbers that: A. gluten sensitive; B. still hurt and need care; and C. I am a valid gluten-free community member and the change is working. It is through the tiny steps of discovery and interpretation of what causes me pain and inflammation that new answers and better techniques can be borne and assist others to understand a need for change. It was through the lost inflammation that directed me to see many of the ‘other’ health and inflammation issues from different places to get me away from pain and poor digestion. I needed a chance to heal. I needed this change. It was through that very same question I asked in 2007, and thanks to this team, my feelings and my health can heal. I can take in food and not have gut ache, food passing through holes in the digestive tract, and inflammation all the factors that weaken my immune system and distract me from life while being exposed to public places and communicable contagions where I do not have to be immune vulnerable. Thanks Team! This is an excellent question!!! emoticon

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10/23/11 1:04 A

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For me...I am glad I didn't get tested. At first, I wished that I had as it seems to give you some credibility with doctors, friends, family, etc. But now, I am SO glad I wasn't tested as many times it comes out negative. My life has improved 100% since going off and if the test had been negative, I wouldn't have had my health improved. I am off 100%. It is not that hard to adhere to the diet strictly.

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10/22/11 9:37 P

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If you decide to get tested you need to be on gluten so that you will not come up false and as the others said those tests are not accurate to begin with.


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10/22/11 10:59 A

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My doctor and i talked about testing, but she said it's expensive and i know i should be GF--so we decided to just save the money. emoticon

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10/21/11 10:04 P

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my doctor said,, blood test are not that acurant! I don't want my ds or myself to back on gluten when he finally feels better along with my self.. There is no drug to help besides just diet.
He told me if he feels better Finally then that is his problem... some times I wish we would of had all those test run. But we had to make the change fast.. He was very sick,,and we still are fighting his immune system. My cousins tested postive for celiac. so I know it is in my family.. Funny they always called it the (last name) stomach.. And this has been the issue all the time.

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10/21/11 4:18 P

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I agree on getting tested but it won't a one time thing if it's negative. Since it is genetic and 1st degree relatives have a 1 in 24 chance of getting it, I'd get gene tested. If you don't have the gene no CD, but can still be gluten intolerant. If have the genes then you know you'll need to be tested for active CD on a regular basis for the rest of your life, don't wait for symptoms since there is a percentage that don't have symptoms but are still doing the damage.

Good luck regardless of what you decide to do.

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10/21/11 2:28 P

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My advice is to be tested. It is perfectly healthy to follow a gluten-free diet ~ and many try to ~ due to gluten sensitivity. But Celiac Disease requires strict adherence...and glutens are hidden everywhere! I would have the blood test, if I were you. If you do not have Celiac, you can be aware and simply choose to restrict glutens. If you do have it ~ then it is the start of a journey of totally changing your diet. (I have Celiac Disease, yet none of my 3 grown children have it.) ~blessings~

10/21/11 1:34 P

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Hey there! I am new to this group and joined to try and get some more information about celiac. I found out today that my mom has celiac and I'm debating whether or not to get tested myself or just go gluten-free. I have done a little research and found that celiac disease is genetic, so there is a good chance that I already have it or will develop it in the future. I am just not sure which route I should take. I know that this is ultimately my decision, but would love some input.

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