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9/28/09 8:01 P

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I had not connected my itchiness to the gluten. I have only been GF about 7 mo now but as a teen and again about a year ago I experienced awful itching that just would not stop. Used to wake me up at night but I never had a rash. Interesting to think it likely is related!

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9/27/09 7:51 A

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Welcome! I had DH clear up after going gluten free also. (It's so nice to wear shorts and short sleeves again!) I am getting bolder about being sure my food is OK. I am going to a conference in October and asked for a reduced price due to the fact that I will have to bring my own lunch. They took $15 off the price. That was one expensive boxed lunch! I'm sure mine will cost less than $5 even if I am very generous!. I'm glad you are feeling so much better. Just come back here for support. You are in good company!

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9/27/09 12:13 A

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Welcome to the group Desert Flower!

I had a similar reaction with DH. Mine started on my right hand, then went to my elbows, knees and ass, It was barely tolerable during the day and unbearable at night. Luckily it got bad in the fall so was wearing pants. My mom lives several hours away and was going to visit, I warned her before coming up that I would be scratching like she woulnd't believe and my legs looked like a meth addicts. It took almost 3 months for the itching to stop once I went GF.

There are GF pasta, bread and cakes out there that you'd swear had gluten. Look around the boards and you'll see recommendations.

The only time I have issues at restaurants is when they don't take your concerns seriously.

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9/26/09 11:25 P

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Hi all! My story: For a couple of years, I had an itchiness that drove me mad at night- but mad - never experienced anything similar and nothing would stop the itching night after night after night (I'm in my fifties.) I mean, it would itch during the day also, but I could handle that. But at night, it was the itch from hell. Mine was on my legs - and my legs looked like they had been attached by cats. The itchiness was not strongly localized, but when I would hunt down the center, there would be a tiny (like the head of a pin) watery blister just under the surface of the skin. I thought maybe I had picked up scabies in a Peruvian hostel - but scabies cures didn't touch this condition. Then I started on the South Beach diet and was off all grains for about six weeks . . . surprise, surprise, the itchiness was abating and my legs were healing! Then, for my reintroduction to grains I had a spaghetti dinner (carbo load dinner before a century ride) and on the short walk home from the restaurant started cramping and bloating - I couldn't even stand upright. The being doubled over with cramping and bloating and gas had happened to me not infrequently in the past and I just thought it was something everybody dealt with occasionally but did not discuss in polite company - I didn't realize it was a symptom. I had never been able to figure out what food was causing the problem. It sort of felt like a miniature Mohamed Ali was inside me punching the hell out of me from the inside out . . .Anyway, I have now been living gluten free for two years now. Very occassionaly, I'll get a little bit of the itching, but I can usually trace that back to being glutened. Other symptoms that have gone away are : gas & bloating, awful joint pain and flares of dry eye syndrome, psoriasis flare-ups, severe dandruff - all gone!!! amazing.
I love being gluten free. Life is so so much better and fortunately I don't mind living without bread, pasta, cakes etc. As long as I can have my chocolate, I'm basically content! But, sometimes it feels a bit lonely and sometimes the extra attention at restaurants bothers me. So, I thought I would drop in to this team to find some company.


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