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1/12/09 8:46 P

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Oh yeah Seragila and other persons of the wonderful Team, We have been there done that and have the phobia of doctors and their high doctor bills to prove it!!! LOL. I get a new doc $600 per hour and that doc doe not know about nutrition and food allergies. One doc tried to set me up with a therapist when I told her I already have one and have been seeing her for months. Gen , neurologist, endocrinologists, etc. the natural way to detoxify can clean up and reduce pain and expose the real issues and ways to fix it! I too was highly Candida Albicans but the reg docs do not believe it, the reg docs would just give out drugs from the closet and new prescriptions but no cures. My fibro fog is almost gone, my sleep is improving, my diet has changed dddddrrraaasssttticccaalllllyyy! Drastically. I am gluten-free. I do not eat corn, wheat, oats, barley, rye or ANYTHING processed from any of these foods. I do not eat any foods with a sulfite or a sulfate count high than a 6 part-per-million and that list is super long. It has natural foods like vinegar, grapes, artificial colors, food additives and preservatives, etc. the more I clean up the more things I find that hurt but the better I feel and sleep. Some day I may even lose weight without getting sick during the efforts. My adrenals are weak and my thyroid is always a doctor’s explanation for my flaws but all these diet and food changes have lead me to believe that the processed food market and the FDA are only trying to keep us fed and their wallets fat. They do not care about the harm to our bodies unless a class action suit should curtail their wallets and the genetically altered research on plants we call food should be halted and corrected. Here is an example: Citric Acid, I find it in my soaps and shampoos and far too many foods, I get a migraine that will last for days!

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1/11/09 9:53 P

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Welcome to the team! I was diagnosed because I asked for a food allergy test - after two decades of doctors telling I was depressed and more. It is hard to go gluten free, but I have never felt better.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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1/4/09 7:23 P

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Welcome to the team.

So frustrating to be ill and not have answers....

If you are going to be tested for celiac disease, you must have gluten in your body for the tests to give accurate results... I know this is frustrating, especially if cutting gluten makes you feel better! But you probably want to know for sure either way, right?!

Good luck.

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1/4/09 7:22 P

make sure that you read the sticky topic of investigating gluten-free and celiac disease. It has a lot of stuff that could help you....I know that it is pretty long, but it is worth it. Also, many of us would be more than willing to answer any questions that you have in the process. I have an e-mail that my sister sends to newly diagnosed celiac/Gluten intolerant people, and if you send me a personal e-mail, I will forward it to you. I would also check out Gluten-free for Dummies by Danna Korn or look at,,, or just look around here on the forums. Since you are the only GF person, the big issue you will have to look at is cross-contamination. Make sure that you wash all pots and pans really well before using and buy yourself some squeeze butter/margarine, as the tub kind you already have is likely riddled with crumbs (or designate a stick just for yourself). Anything that you stick a knife in to spread is suspect for the same reason....Don't spend a lot of money on substitutes unless you know that you will be doing this long-term--sticking GF will be easier if you stick to naturally gf items, like meats, fruit, vegetables, rice, potatoes, etc. If you start feeling better in a few weeks, then I would start looking at the substitutes like pasta, bread, etc. Ask around--there may be a celiac support group in your area, and many GF foods are hit and miss, so don't spend the money unless you can shop with someone who knows what tastes good or find a recommendation somewhere here (i THINK we have a sticky topic dealing with our favorite gf foods) Most canned soups are a no-no, although progresso has a few gf soups (I really like their chicken cheese enchilada)--homemade soups taste better anyway emoticon . Most of all, READ EVERY LABEL....Until you get used to eating GF, I don't recommend going out to eat, although both PF Changs and Outback Steakhouse have a GF menu. Avoid buffets because of cross-contamination issues--I've found that the easiest places to eat are BBQ and steak places, since they rarely use marinades or sauces with wheat and I can almost always find SOMETHING other than salad to eat. Strangely enough, authentic Thai is naturally gf, as well as many Indian dishes.

Again, welcome to the fraternity of food allergies. While I wish that you didn't need to do this, know that you are NOT alone.



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1/4/09 6:26 P

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Your story sounds alot like mine. I've been sick of doctors telling me it's all in my head. A couple of years ago I had yet another symptom--itching all over...all the time. I researched myself and found out about candida ( While I didn't have ALL the symptoms, I had a lot of them, so figured I'd try.

There's a simple test listed on the site. After going through the detox diet/supplements for about 6 months I got to feeling much better. Then I had a tumor come up in my jaw and didn't eat anything for a month. Lived on coffee, tea, and juices. When I started eating again, I found that the symptoms I was still experiencing were triggered when I ate gluten.

So far doctors still say I'm not gluten intolerant, but I know what my body does when I eat it.

I'm trying to make the whole family do it with me, since cooking them certain things and me something not going well. I LOVE bread and so far there are NO substitutions for me. The rice bread I bought was nothing more than styrofoam packing material. emoticon

I just went through the things we eat that I could use--fried rice (without soy sauce--Bragg's Aminos works great), different soups, baked potatoes, taco salad (with tortilla chips), and I just bought a new book (I believe was recommended on here) "Gluten Free Quick & Easy: from Prep to Plate" by Carol Fenster.

Welcome. I've been encouraged alot just reading the message boards.


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1/4/09 5:28 P

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Hi There Folks!

Have to admit that when I joined Sparks this sort of group was not one I thought I would be pumping for information.

Just another ailment to add to my ever growing list of freakishness I suppose....

So, here I am a 36 year old insomniac looking to get a good nights sleep for the first time in my life. I have been to many doctors, specialists and have been prescribed almost every drug known to man...I have been told I am anxious, depressed, ADHD and given antipsychotic medication. I have been told it is in my head, a natural occurring 'woman' problem and that some people just have to get use to it....the insomnia that is...

So, I kept on, looking for anyone who would take me seriously. See, I was getting worse the older I got.

Finally I found a naturopathic doctor who believes I may have a food allergy. Her words, after some tests were 'I do not know how you function, your body is toxic'...nice. I gave my 'normal' doc the results and he too was a wee shocked, of course it would have been nice if he had just ran the darn tests himself...sigh. Seems my body is a walking sickness...non contagious of course, just nasty to me. My ND thinks that my poor digestion due to a possible food allergy is keeping me up at night. Something about my body working too hard to digest food.

So here I am on my first day of trying a gluten free diet. I am not going all out (the house still contains gluten products for the family) but I have cut it out for my meals/snacks. I am a research hound and will be asking many questions while surfing this big ole virtual world for answers. I have many tests coming up and hope that this will help me feel like I never have a healthy person should!

Thanks in advance for any information!

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