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8/29/10 10:10 A

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Leanfit Natural Protein is what my husband usually has - I don't have a can to look right now for ingredients but it is 120 calories, 25 grams protein and 1 gram of sugar. Worth a look.

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7/19/10 12:02 A

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Julie when you read the book you'll see that the amount of calories you get will be what you need if you follow her advice on portion sizes, which basically is the size of your hand. Meats should be the size of your palm, whole grains should be the size of one cupped hand, and fruits or veggies are two cupped hands together. And if you plan to eat a protein and a veggie at each of the six mini meals you are not going to eat 2000 calories. You can eat as much as you need to not feel hungry..but if you stick to your portion sizes it should fit you perfectly. The smaller the person, the smaller the calories needed, the smaller her hand is. You can drink any kind of milk that you like, but choose fat free dairy milk if you go that route. Avacado is a healthy fat, you can eat it with your protein and complex carbs. Turkey burger and avacado, or avacado on your salad with some chickpeas, or chicken breast, etc. Tosca says to choose a protein powder low in sugar, but never having bought it before I didn't really know anything to compare the two I had in front of I went with the one that had less protein per scoop ( you can only absorb so much at one time anyway) and with the least amount of sugar and funny named things in the ingredients.. Best of luck!

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7/16/10 1:58 P

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I recommend a protein powder (if you feel you need one that is) that is made with concentrated whey protein NOT whey protein isolates. Beware of products that are made by manufacturers that want to put as much "protein" in something as possible with the least amount of calories. "Diet" products almost always will leave you short changed in the nutrition department. This is my humble opinion.

Two things to consider:
1) I don't believe we need the big amount of protein that the diet gurus push on us
2) Good protein powders will show less protein per "scoop" or measure but what protein is in them will go a lot farther.

I know of a couple protein powders that are free of isolates, sugar and unpronounceable ingredients.

The very best way and cleanest way (IMHO) to get the body's protein needs is to eat organic, grass and ground raised meats, eggs, dairy along with organic beans, nuts, seeds. These things have all the balanced nutrition and you won't be scratching your head studying labels and wondering if some product is actually good for you.

That's my old lady take.

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7/16/10 12:58 P

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I have been following the calorie intake from Spark, however, I notice that with the Eat Clean diet I have been under calories a few times so I just find a snack to reach my calorie intake.

Milk, you can drink skim milk, almond breeze or the soy milk, it's your preference. I use skim milk for recipes (because it's cheaper by the gallon) and if I want to have a smoothie or something, I will drink the either the (light) almond milk and/or (light) soy milk. The choice is up to what you like.

Avocado, yummy, I love them too. I will actually use my avocado and make the guacamole recipe in the eat clean diet cookbook, I also put it on top of my turkey burgers and/or veggie burgers, on top of salads, it's a great thing to add, because yes, although it's high in fat, it's a healthy fat for you.

Protein powders, I had a tough time with this one too, because when I looked in the stores, most of them had things I couldn't pronounce and also had the added sugars we are trying to avoid with eating clean. What I finally did was go to GNC and they have a 100% Whey Protein (Lean) that is all natural things in it and no added sugar. I don't mind that it's unflavored, because it picks up the flavor of the things I put it in. I have used it in smoothies, in my oatmeal when I want a "power" breakfast, and even in chili - the options are endless. I would be interested in what other people are using for their protein as well...because I am always up to looking for other options.

4. What protein powders do you recommend?

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7/16/10 11:58 A

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I'd like to hear about the protein powder as well but for right now I'm sticking with super-natural ingredients as much as possible. I looked at a box of protein powder at the health food store, yikes! If I can't pronounce it, I really don't want to eat it. emoticon

As far as calories, etc., I try to log my food here like always, sticking with the calorie recommendations from Spark. That, along with Clean Eating, seems like a good balance to me.

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7/16/10 11:16 A

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Oh, I'd like to know the protein powder suggestion too!!

I've been a vegetarian for years but slipped into 'junk food vegetarain' for the last few.

I WOULD like to pass on some info. ( Hope no one is a distributor and jumps me for it!) I used a prodcut called "Rice N' Shine" (that since changed it's name to "Nanacea" for about the last 1 yr or more. Recently my Dr told me to avoid generic drugs if they come from India or China (Yeah, trying finding out about THAT! The FDA advised me no matter where the drugs are made, they are NOT required to release info on where the INGREDIENTS come from!) so I started asking about everything, Inclduing the Rice N' Shine. I wrote this company and they sent back a snippy reply "the bag says manufactured in California. That means we manufacture it in California!" Upon more insistent questioning I did find out the 'rice bran' part of it DID come from India. So, just out of saftey concern, I'm looking to find something I can verify the origins of!

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7/16/10 10:09 A

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Hello my new Spark Friends!

I'm just starting the EAT CLEAN DIET but haven't read the book YET. Three days of all natural foods and I'm already feeling better (coming off of a fat and grease laden Atkins Revolution - which I lost lol!).

I have a few questions.

1. WHAT IS THE DAILY CALORIC LIMITS/RECOMMENDATION? I know this isn't a calorie restricted diet but I'm afraid I may be overzealous and eating too much (2000 calories?).

2. WHAT KIND OF MILK oR SOY MILK CAN I DRINK? A little confused whether skim milk, almond breeze or soy dream is the way to go.

3. I eat AVOCADO as a snack during the day (but its high calorie and fat). What if anything would I pair this with?

4. What protein powders do you recommend?

Thanks so much!
Julie emoticon

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