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6/15/12 2:45 P

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Butterfly - Now THAT'S a good bike shop.

I agree with the other, but you did ask what type of bike you should get. That depends on what type of riding you plan to do most often. If you plan to do triathlons only, then look at tri bikes. You don't want a tri bike for road riding as they aren't as comfortable as a road bike - they are built to make you more aerodynamic.

Road bikes are good for riding alone, with friends, or racing. Unless you are a pretty competitive triathlete, you won't see much difference in your time between a tri bike and a road bike, and you will get more use out of the road bike. The only thing you shouldn't use a road bike for is riding on dirt or rocky trails - the thin tires won't be able to handle the terrain for long.

Hybrid bikes have you sitting up straighter than a road bike, and the tires are generally wider than a road bike, but not as wide or knobby as a mountain bike. Hybrids can be raced, but you will see a difference in your speed when compared with the road bike. This is because they are generally heavier and provide less of an aerodynamic ride. On the other hand, you can ride this bike on the road or on dirt trails. You might even be able to do some mountain biking with this type of bike, but it won't be as efficient as a true mountain bike.

If you want a high end bike but don't have a high end budget, then talk to the bike shop about manufacturer and model specifics as well as the correct size for you, and then look for a used bike. The bike shops sometimes get trade ins, and if they know you're looking for a specific used bike they might even be able to help you find one.

Good luck on your quest for a bike, and good luck with your swim training. It sounds like you're on your way to a good first triathlon!


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6/15/12 12:14 P

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Talk to someone at a bike shop. I just bought mine this year & I didn't know what to get. So I set a $$$ budget & went to a trusted cycling shop. I told him what I wanted to use my bike for & he picked one out for me & believe it or not it was way less than what I was willing to spend. I even told him I was willing to spend more & he told me that that was the bike for me. I LOVE it.

Good luck.

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6/15/12 8:50 A

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Another vote for talking with someone at a bike shop. Set a budget and then go talk to someone at the shop. Best of luck!

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6/14/12 10:30 P

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Hi and welcome, and I also agree with Kim. finding a good bike store and getting involved with some bike club will be a great benefit to you. Also congrats on your progress so far!!!, keep us posted on your progress.

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6/14/12 8:55 P

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Hi Kim,
Way to go on the swim lessons! You inspire me!! emoticon I agree with Kimberlee on getting fitted for a bike. When you go into a bike shop you need to have a ball park figure of what you want to spend. Check out a cycling group in your area. Just google cyling groups in your area. You can find a lot out about rides at your pace and maybe even a hook up with the right bike shop! Good luck!! And welcome

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6/14/12 7:22 P

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Hi Kim,

You have asked all the right questions about a bike. The answers will depend a whole lot on your personal circumstances. I suggest that you talk to local cyclist or triathletes in your area and get the name of a really good bike shop. The bike shop will be able to help you make the best choice for you.

The best thing that I did for myself was to work with our local cycle shop and have my bike professionally fitted to my body


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6/14/12 5:16 P

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Hi! I'm Kim and I'm very, very, very new to this.

I'm a runner, and I really want to be a biker. I love the water and although I've never been a swimmer (with good form and breathing and all of that), I'm excited to be taking an adult swim class this summer. I've had 4 classes so far, and I feel confinent that by the time I've had 12 classes I'll be able to do it. I'm feeling more and more confident.

My next goal is to buy a bike. I would LOVE some suggestions. I'm not wealthy, but of course I would like something nice. I'm nervous about jumping in and making a big purchase, then regretting my choice.

Should I buy used? What brands are good? What should I be looking for in a good street bike? Should I go with a hybrid first? Help!

And just so you know, I admire all of you who do this. You are amazing.


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