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2/18/12 9:35 P

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Welcome to the team, and congrats on taking such a big step in your fitness training. Nothing motivate people more than having that goal ahead of them, and giving them a target to reach.
Swimming in the pool and building endurance is a perfect thing to do during the winter months. even if you don't get a whole lot faster for the swim portion, having the endurance so you're not exhausted after the swim leg will be key.
Keep building on distance on the bike, and maybe throw in some 1-2 minute surges for speed on some of your rides. And if you're somewhere where you can train on some hills (once outdoor riding season arrives) that will help get you stronger, as well.
The run sucks for everyone. Getting off your bike and trying to run feels lousy, even for people whose run is their strength. So as you begin to do more running and less walking, always do some bike/run (Brick) workouts, to help you with your transitions. Even if you just run for 10 minutes after a bike ride, it will help prepare you for race day.
Have fun with your training. It's one of the healthiest sports to pick up!

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2/18/12 5:03 P

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Congratulations on taking the first steps into the triathlon world.

For the swim, it does sound like all you need to do is build endurance. You will be a leg up on some people just for having swum in an open body of water before. Even though it was last year and it wasn't in a race situation, you wouldn't believe how many people attempt their first triathlon without ever doing any open water. Speaking from experience, I would never recommend this.

You have the distance on the bike so no real worries there. You will be surprised how much faster you can ride in a race than you can just training. You will feed off the energy of the race.

You have plenty of time to work on the run. Often people do a run/walk during that leg of the event. That would probably be a good place for you to start. Just beginning adding in some intervals and you should progress pretty quickly. A lot of people will use a 4:1 interval (4 run and 1 walk).

Best of luck to you. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

Molly- I'm a Buckeye (Ohio)

"I'm a running contradiction....I am a runner and I am lazy. I know that running allows me to enjoy my down time to a greater level. I am a runner first, lazy second. For me, these aren't mutually exclusive terms. Without one, I couldn't enjoy the other."

Thank you so much Bob Schwartz (I Run, Therefore I Am- Nuts!) for this lovely, funny insight into my life.

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2/18/12 2:22 P

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Hi Maud

You sound like you have a very good plan in place. I normally tell people to prepare themselves for the "murkiness" of the open water swim but it sounds like you know exactly what to expect.

Now you just need to keep working on the training so that you're ready for everything on race day. Most important - have a great time training and enjoy the race when it comes!

Can't wait to hear all about it



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2/18/12 10:55 A

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Hi and congrats on your new challenge, I think you have all the ingredients needed for a successful Tri. Have fun in your training and keep us posted on your progress.

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2/18/12 10:49 A

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Hello all!

New to the team, been sparking for 2 years now. Before 2008 I had never ever been active but amazing things happen when you quit smoking! I've fell in love with biking which started the whole thing. Now, to celebrate turning 50 this summer, I am entering my first triathlon - The Lactic Edge which is put on by our YMCA just a few blocks from my house!

Oh, and my name is Maud and I'm from Wisconsin... about 100 miles west of Green Bay.

I have never been in a race or even fun walk of any type so I am not only nervous/excited about the physical challenge I am a little worried about just being in a foreign culture that I know nothing about... I've never even watched a triathlon before.

Here is where I am right now:

Swimming: not TOO worried about this part. It is open water down stream in the Wisconsin River. Last summer I went swimming in the Plover River a couple times a week. The Plover is smaller and less polluted than the Wisconsin but they're both murky with fish and what not. But there is no training open water in Wisconsin in February so I am taking a few lessons at the Y soon and will be a pool swimmer until spring. I need to build up endurance because I am pretty sure I couldn't swim 500 yards right now.

Biking: I can ride 17 miles on my bike no problem. But I have never tried to do so swiftly. I have always pushed myself distance wise or trailer pulling but I have never even thought about going faster. I have to figure out how to lumber a little faster this summer.

Running: I can walk 3.1 miles, I can even snowshoe that far with no problem at all but I have never ever ran more than a couple city blocks... so I am about to start week 2 of the c25k program and I figure I will work from there.

As someone who knows nothing I have been having a lot of fun researching this whole thing. Stand back world, I'm turning 50 and taking no prisoners!

Life has no remote... get up and change it yourself!

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