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5/31/11 6:44 P

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Losing motivation and/or feeling down after completing an important event/milestone seems to be somewhat common. One way to deal with this is to be part of an active tri club. Another way is to keep yourself scheduled for minor events in between the major events. No reason you can't plan to complete a century ride three weeks after a sprint tri, for example, or even one week later.


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Weight can make a difference. Sometimes it helps to focus on one of the disciplines in the "off season", and try to make some improvements there. I also think the key is to make multisport a lifestyle, not just an event to train for. The beauty of triathlons is if you're bored running, go biking. if you're sore from running or biking, go swimming.
also, to improve your times, you've got to train smart. Do speed work, but only once a week for running and once a week for biking. Make sure your long workouts are about distance and time, and not about speed. Be very specific in your training.
As for staying motivated, if you can do another sport in the off season, do it. I love beings outdoors, but I live in MN and can't bike outside in the winter, and sometimes running can be a challenge. This winter I trained for a couple of X-Country ski races. It got me outside, but I didn't run or bike all winter. Mid March I started running again, and I'm doing a half marathon next weekend and an OLY the weekend after that. Conditioning wise I was great after skiing all winter. I just needed to retrain some muscles. But I was so ready to start running and biking again!
And one more thing to remember. It's great to want to be competitive in your age group, but a better goal is to get faster. That's something you have control over. Whether or not you place in your age group is all dependent on who shows up to the race...something you can't control!
Good luck this season. Wish I could offer nutrition advice, but that's my weakness, too.

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10 You cannot race year round. You must have at least 2 weeks completely off, cold turkey, and a off season where you focus on another sports, or just 1 segment of the sport.

2) Pick 1 or 2 races that you want your peak performance at. Build a training plan around those races. All other races are primarily for training purposes.

3) Build a base of miles/yardage, then build strength and your lactate threshold, finally increase peak power, speed and performance.

To get faster you need a good base, then you have to training smart and mix up high intensity interval workouts with easy days. You cannot go hard every day, and you'll gain little from putting in the same medium efforts every day. Those are empty miles.

Running speed is about weight. You're a Clydesdale, but you will perfrom best near the minimum weight limit.

Lastly, focus on the bike. Clydesdales are sometimes good swimmer and usually poor runners. But take advantage of the muscle mass you can build and make cycling your strength. Incorporate weight lifting into your off season training to build more strength and make sure at least 50% of the time is spent cycling.

For clydesdales, the race is often won and lost on the bike, not the run like everyone else.

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5/30/11 6:09 P

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I am of the Clydesdale ilk. Done a few sprint triathlons and half marathons. However I lose motivation after an event. Looking to be a more consistent year around multisport athlete and shed the weight (260#) to allow me to be competitive for my age group and not just a finisher! Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Especially anything nutrition related, cause that is my weakness and lack of discipline.

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