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Welcome back to SparkPeople. It looks like you have a great plan. the key to my success relative to SparkPeople is perseverance. I log in everyday now for over two year and with the tools and information has lost 55 pounds. Although I gained some of it back recently due to injury and surgery, I know that once I'm back at 100%, I get back to my target weight. I wish you the best.

Ron G.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” Booker T. Washington
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1/12/17 3:40 P

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Hello! I joined some time ago but never kept up. However, I'm not doing well on my own, so it's time to seek out some support.

I lost 25 pounds initially after going a post cancer reoccurrence medication. I went on a diet at the same time, as losing fat would help prevent a reoccurrence. The ?diet? was mostly aimed toward eliminating my mindless snacking and emotional eating. I don?t overeat at meals. I get bored and stop eating while I am still hungry, and ?make it up? with junk later. At my worst I would guess half my calories came from post dinner candy, cookies, and ice cream, eaten while doing boring paperwork for my home business.

I also started a once a week weight training class. I assumed at the time that it was due to my own efforts and a weight loss hypnosis CD that I used. I was more than willing to take credit for it!

Now fast forward 6 years. I went off the 5 year regimen of the medication as of April 2015 and the weight came back on. In truth, it HAD been creeping up, but only 10 pounds as of that point. My doctor says the medication was not responsible for the weight loss that I was so proud of, as it?s known for weight GAIN, not loss, but I am skeptical, as the timing matches so exactly.

In the 16 months I had a severe knee injury. Though I didn?t stop exercising, the intensity went down. I had knee surgery in March 2016. Needless to say, I was advised NOT to gain weight. Recovery was very long and the remainder of the weight came back on. I am now at my starting weight from Jan 2010.

In general I am physically active, especially in the gardening months, and not sedentary. I lost a lot of flexibility due to the knee injury. Kneeling down and getting back up is painful, but I won?t stop doing it.

My husband has been on a cholesterol-lowering ?no starch diet? for over a year, and has lost 25 pounds. No bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes. I make just a small amount of pasta for spaghetti, a boiled potato, etc., just for me. If the meal doesn?t ?need? a carb, I don?t make it. I don?t eat bread or crackers anyway. Virtually all our meals are cooked from scratch and have been for years. That makes it very difficult if not impossible to figure out calorie content, when you have a recipe with multiple ingredients. My husband is very finicky about no processed foods, so I think my meals are healthy (it?s my snacking that?s not). We eat a lot more vegetables now. Proteins are meat, milk, cheese, eggs, nuts. We love fish but it is expensive and poor quality. We make our own unsweetened milk kefir and yogurt. Only good fats: butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil.

My usual breakfast is a boiled egg and a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and cranberries.

So the strategies I am adopting for this fresh start are:

I am still in my weight training class, which is great, and takes much of the joint pain away. I have just added a Zumba class, a toned-down version called ?Zumba Gold? for older or injured people. I plan to add a yoga class soon, in the hopes of regaining flexibility. I don?t belong to a gym, as I wouldn?t know what to do. I like classes because I can just follow someone and not have to think.

I resumed listening to the hypnosis CD nightly about a month ago. No loss yet, but I feel like my sweet and salt cravings are going down.

I moved the cookies and similar away so I can?t pick one up ?walking by?. I am allowing myself certain # a day, and am gradually reducing it so I don?t shock myself and binge, which is what always happened in the past when I attempted to stop something. I set out 5 small cookies and 2 squares of chocolate on a plate so I know what I can have. The cookies have going half uneaten. For ice cream I have ice cream bars, so I know what amount I am eating (the basic, non-luxury ones). I LOVE potato chips, so can?t have them in the house at all, as I have no willpower against them.

I would welcome your suggestions. I am happy to be here!

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