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2/6/13 11:30 A

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Hi... Just found this group. I agree with you totally, Lottsagreens! I am a health and wellnes director for a corporation and lastyear our focus was how to Eat Right For Life... Wow! I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, but there is so much out there! So many different philosophies and things to be concerned about. Even if you try to eat whole foods, real foods... you have contamination and pesticides, fungicides, genetic engineering (which has reduced nutritional value), hormones, antibiotics! And is Stevia really natural after they process it... is sugar can for that matter? Yikes!

But the big thing I learned is how much processed, packaged foods people eat without knowing what they are ingesting... and even if they know, they seemingly don't care.

All we can do is try to be wise consumers, learn what we can, and eat as heralthy as we currently know how. We can try to help the situation by spending our dollars only on real foods. Not supporting the food industry which is making us unhealthy.

I also don't knwo what to call myself. I am not a strict vegetarian, but mostly... meaning I occasionally eat seafood and chicken, but very limited. I limit dairy but I eat eggs... Hmmm... I just say I am "Mostly Vegetarian"... I am far from Vegan at this point, but it is not out of the question!

Good luck! Let's just keep on working toward better food choices... whatever we deem them to be!

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10/29/12 6:03 P

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I tried that way of eating once, everybody always just called it the Oprah diet. I felt so peaceful and good on the diet and my tummy went down right away...I want to some day try it again...Good luck, I know you will feel better...

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10/27/12 8:01 P

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I've been doing the plant-based approach to eating for three months now, but still haven't quite figured out what to call myself when people quiz me. The most accurate discription at the moment is probably "strict vegetarian except when the vegetarian menu options are horribly unhealthy (really oily, etc.)."

At the beginning, I was cooking most of my own food and managing to do "whole food, no animal products, no added oils" ala Dr. Esselstyn (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease). But now I'm eating out more, and so there are a lot more oils and processed foods in my life than there probably should be. It's so hard to sort out what "rules" to follow: Avoid nuts (McDougall, Esselstyn)? Eat nuts for better health (McGreger, Furhman)? Eat a really oily vegan dish or choose a menu option that has a little bit of egg in it, but is otherwise healthier? Go organic? What about BPAs? What about GMOs? Is isolated soy protein as bad as some people say it is? Vitamin D from sunshine/tanning-bed or supplements? Getting enough omega 3s? Getting too many omega 6s?! All of the nutrition issues argued about by various experts leave my head spinning!

Clearly there is a part of me that loves all the health and other benefits of a vegan diet/lifestyle. There's a much larger part of me that is focused on losing weight, avoiding heart disease and cancer and type 2 diabetes and on and on. And because I am simply too disorganized/lazy to cook all of my own food, I have started finding myself not sure what choices to make.

Ideally, getting involved with this SparkTeam will help me focus on the big picture (cook more greens, get more exercise, enjoy life) rather than getting lost in the minutiae and pouring hours into Internet-based nutritional research of questionable long-term value.

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