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12/6/07 4:48 P

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Hi Sophia,

Welcome to the group. I try to just eat as much whole foods as I can... minimizing my meat consumption, esp. red meats.

I, also, feel soooo much better when I'm eating healthy. If I go on a binge and eat lots of surgary +/or processed foods, I feel awful. Tired. Sluggish. Blahh! I have much more energy when I'm eating nutritious foods.

I hope to see you around a lot here. I'm sure there is a lot I can learn from you.



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12/6/07 7:25 A

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Hi Sophia,

I have noticed the same things. I am vegan too. I saw that when I cheat and have non-vegan things, I feel tired with less energy, do not sleep as well, and do not digest food well. It is funny how we do not recognize the impact that stuff can have on our bodies when we eat it for so many years.

Good luck on your goals. This group and many others like it are great sources of information and encouragement. Keep up the good work!

~~ Will ~~

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12/6/07 6:20 A

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hi everyone!
i'm happy to see this team here. i'm a vegetarian (for ethical/environmental reasons) making a transition to being vegan (for ethical/environmental/health reasons). i've noticed for a long time that i feel in much better health when i avoid eggs and dairy, but tend to slip every so often and begin having a little bit of it, and then more, and then i begin feeling sluggish and tired and have bad digestion, but by then i'm in a rut and it takes a lot to get out. i was nervous about going vegan for a while because of concern that i would gain weight, but i'm at a point where i would rather feel and be healthy than lose weight.
other things about me: i have issues with binge eating although i'm within a healthy weight range. it's triggered by a range of things, mostly work frustration, loneliness, and boredom. i was also bulimic in my late teens to mid twenties but feel that i'm recovered from it now. unfortunately the binge part of that cycle still comes around every so often, so i don't consider myself completely recovered from disordered eating.
other things: i love animals and have two cats. i love yoga. i love running and hiking and am getting into swimming. i have a creative occupation and would like to some day also be a yoga instructor with my own pay-what-you-can studio, but that will likely come later when i have a bit more gray hair and more life experience to go with it. i travel a lot... and... i read a lot and like giving book suggestions to willing victims.
that's about it. too much info? : )

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