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8/12/14 7:16 P

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8/6/14 9:11 A

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emoticon to the team, and congrats on your summit! Mt. Whitney is quite the feather in your hiking cap! And thanks for sharing your story, you've come a long way, and have many trails ahead... emoticon

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8/4/14 8:35 P

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SoCal here, too. I'm new to this group, too, but have been on SP since December 2009.

DH & I just got back last week from hiking in Yosemite for 5 days (well, one was a rest day). We hiked a total of over 45 miles and it was so much fun.

We both turn 60 next year and one of my bucket list goals is to make it to the top of Mt. Whitney. Congratulations HappyFreeMe on your summit! I hope to do that in 2015.

We joined the Sierra Club to join in more group hikes and maybe even take the Wilderness Travel Course next winter. I'm on board, but DH is still waffling.

My biggest challenge is keeping my CICO in balance. I'm back to about 15 pounds over what I need to be. I got within 5 pounds this past spring but then it fell apart due to disruptions in my carefully honed schedule (business & erosional travel, mostly). I'm finding it difficult to get back into healthy mode. I love to run and exercise, so that is not normally a problem. Just the eating part.

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8/4/14 6:10 P

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Hello and congratulations on summiting Whitney.
I'm in SoCal and while I love challenging hikes I have to say I'm not as ambitious as you are.
Baldy and Gorgonio are challenge enough for me.
Well done & keep up the good work!

Kendra GA

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.

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8/4/14 5:07 P

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Congratulation and so happy to see you hear! You have an amazing story to tell! I also have fibromyalgia, and at 58 had it under control and hiked a lot and walked 15 miles for 4 years in the Bataan Death March Memorial at White Sands Missile Range and also 19 miles last September for the Walk for the Heroes! Unfortunately, (and this is meant for sympanty, just stating why I can't do those things now at 59) I had a stroke with a brain bleed on Halloween 2013. Otherwise I would still be doing those things to. Like you I started eating better and I decided if I was going to hurt, I would rather hurt out doing something than lying around in bed! Lo and behold I found the hiking and exercises I did actually helped the symptoms. Since having a stroke, and spending 5 weeks in hospitals, etc, I can't do as much as I did. I think part is due to the fibromyalgia because the stroke caused me to be in bed so much and I had to walk with a walker for a couple of months. I still have trouble with balance and with my right hand and arm and a couple of other things. But I still get out when I can (its hot here in Texas right now!) and find hills to climb and try to walk 10,000 steps each day at least in a variety in ways. I think without the stroke though I would still be doing those things I was. I know you can do it and keep on going! And I know I will keep working on getting back to some things I did before hopefully. I do get tired more easily because of the concentration it takes to walk because of the balance and stumbling around sideways sometimes like I'm drunk ha ha. I'm so glad you shared your story and like I said, I have no reason to believe you won't continue to get better and better. Mine was just an unrelated fluke that did end up affecting a different condition but not because of the fibromyalgia! I would love to see more people just try to do some, even if they can't do what we've done. Just move instead of doing nothing!


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8/4/14 12:17 P

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Hello happy hikers!
I am new to this group, but I've been on SparkPeople for six and a half years. I started hiking about a year ago. I just hiked Mt. Whitney! I don't normally post about negative things in my life, but I want to share how far I've come. I have fibromyalgia. Over three and a half years ago, I was back up over 200 pounds, again. In fact I weighed over 215 pounds. My weight has yo-yoed up and down between ages 19 and 41, gaining more and more each time. The weight gain would follow a period of me being sick and stuck on the couch. Then I would get better and start a painful 2 week period of exercise and IF I didn't get sick again I would lose weight and start feeling better only to get sick again and gain all of the weight back and then some. None of the healthy periods lasted more than a year or so.
After my second divorce, I changed my life completely. I eat a lot healthier, I exercise a lot more, I travel, I do mud runs, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, I swim, I life has become what I want it to be. At 12:06 pm on July 31, 2014, I reached the peak of Mt. Whitney! I cried happy tears because for over three and a half years I have battled my fibromyalgia to the point of staying off the friggin couch and keeping off 65-70 pounds. I am in pain! I fell, but I'm okay. I saw bears, but me and my friends figured out how to avoid them. I also experienced rain, hail, snow, a rainbow, amazing scenery and nearly 24 hours of hiking! I'm so glad to be alive!

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