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11/9/11 7:57 P

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Some things about me too,

1) I live in Southern California, never been out of the US.
2) Have never flown and don't want too either, lol.
3) I have a Border Collie named Oreo.
4) Favorite film? That would have to be any Christmas movie, I love Christmas time and (for the most part) the Christmas movies are heart warming and jolly.
5) Love both cherries & kidney beans. Hate beets!
6) I like to have things done right, so maybe more of a perfectionist?
7) Wow!
8) yep
9) Yoga keeps me balanced
10) I love my family, friends, pets and of course, myself.

Welcome to the team!

~~ Ronda~~

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10/28/11 8:30 P

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Welcome to the team - and since others have followed your excellent lead, I guess I'll join the party!

1. I live in California but have a little 'hideaway' in the Nevada desert west of Las Vegas - I've never been to UK but hope to visit someday
2. Not scared of flying, although don't like cramped seats so I'm picky about which airline and which seat - have had my share of not-great experiences but overall, I'd rather go places than not go
3. I have 2 dogs, a Maltese mix and a Beagle mix, both are rescues - also have 5 cats, also all rescues
4. I don't like movie theaters but like watching them on TV or DVD sometimes - my favorite film is My Big Fat Greek Wedding but there are several others that are a close second
5. Love cherries, esp Rainier cherries, love beans - prefer black beans to kidney but will eat any type of beans - about the only food I dislike is okra
6. I guess I have a compulsive tendency, although not quite diagnosed as OCD - I alternate between procrastination and 'getting things done'
7. Have almost zero sports talent and in school was never able to run, throw, catch or kick anything successfully - I'm really loud when it comes to cheering, tho!
8. Nothing to add
9. My best friend is Buddhist, my husband is Jewish, my brother is an Evangelical Christian, my nephew is Mormon, some close friends are Muslim, and I also have friends who are Hindu, Jain, Sikh and various other belief systems - as you might guess, I'm sort-of eclectic when it comes to religious or spiritual beliefs - a little of everything and not all of anything
10. I love my family, friends and pets - also love hiking as an activity

Welcome again - look forward to getting to know you and it was fun responding to your 10 ice-breakers!

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


God Grant me Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change, Courage to Change the things I can and Wisdom to Know the difference!

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. -- John Wooden

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10/25/11 10:17 P

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Welcome Travelfan!

I'll bite too, since JR took this on:

1) I live in Nevada (US) recently moved from California, and have been to England, but it was a long time ago...would love to go back!

2) not afraid of flying, not a pilot, but my father was in the Air Force, and navigated B-52's. I get my keen sense of direction from him...

3) no pets, I had a dog a long while ago, now I just enjoy the flora and fauna that exist in our back yard naturally, especially the quail.

4) no favorite movie, but I do enjoy those animated movies, have not seen Despicable me, I may have to put it in my queue.

5) I love cherries, but only if they are fresh, beans are OK, I can't stand grapefruit, and I'm really trying to like brussel sprouts, but still can't say I'm a fan.

6) recovering perfectionist, I find the more I fight that, the less procrastinating I do....

7) have you tried to repeat this feat?

8) I'm fighting the urge to get a new phone...and not even a smart phone, but may give in....I still have an old flip phone I hardly ever use.

9) love really centers me...

10) strong connections....will take you far, as will a love of running, but perhaps in different ways!

hike on!

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10/25/11 12:00 P

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@TRAILFAN - very cool intro! :)

Just to introduce myself to you:

1) I live in the US, but have been to the UK on several occasions. I am a huge Manchester City fan, card carrying and everything. I know, most people don't understand, but one day I will find another ManCity fan, as they are at the games, so they have to be somewhere else too :)
2) I am not scared of flying in fact I have my pilots license, but I too have had my fair share of bad experiences.
3) I have two cats - Garfield (looks like Garfield the cartoon cat) and Joe (long hair smoky grey and stark white)
4) I enjoyed Despicable Me. Great movie. I don't know that I have a favorite movie though, as I don't watch many :)
5) Fair enough on the cherry's and kidney beans. Is it an issue of texture, or flavor, just curious, as they have similar "skin" issues.
6) OCD AND a procrastinator. That is a unique and puzzling combination. Very cool.
7) Congrats on the accomplishment, perhaps you should take up golf :) Just kidding :)
8) Fair enough on point number 8
9) Fair enough on the wanna be Buddhist. I hear there is a path to greater compassion. Perhaps you are just walking down the path towards where you want to be.
10) Good to hear about your love for family :)

Have a great day, and great to meet you! :) I look forward to seeing you more out here.

Location: Malibu, California

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the Lord
Will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
They will walk and not be faint.

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10/25/11 11:52 A

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Hey all i am new to the team and thought i would share 10 things about me to break the ice.

1. I live in the UK
2. I am scared of flying (have flown in the past, not a great experience)
3. I have a pet miniature Jack Russel.
4. My favorite film is Despicable ME
5. I cant stand Cherry's Or Kidney Beans.
6. I suffer from OCD and i am world class procrastinator.
7. I once kicked a ball through a basketball hoop from the other end of the court (never been able to do this again).
8. I hate commercialism an greed.
9. I am a wanna be Buddhist (my lack of compassion kinda lets me down, but i am working on it).
10. I love my family more than anything else (well there maybe on the same level as my running :).

Anyway hi everyone.

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