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11/29/12 6:41 A

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Hey Val, glad you found us! Read, read and ask questions. Mzz gives great advice as well as some of the others on this team. Remember we are all different so what may work for some may not work for you. With meds it usually takes 4 - 6 weeks to settle things and show affects so the waiting is important. Don't give up.

Best wishes in getting and staying healthy.

Jane on Guam

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11/28/12 5:27 P

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Hey Moms!

Sorry about your thyroid woes, yes they do run in the family, and good health habits are no protection it seems... it just delays the inevitable in many cases.

Since you're a vegan, here's a few things you MAY have overlooked... forgive me it it sounds as if I am pointing out the obvious...

1. B12... There's no dietary vegan source of B12 so ya gotta supplement.Methylcobalamin preferable to cyanocobalamin.
2. K2... for your bones, natto is a great vegan source or you can supplement with Mk-7.
3. Taurine... an organic acid that helps with all sorts of things (bloating, nerve transmission, muscle building, homeostasis of sodium/potassium pump), is missing from vegan diet.
4. Selenium to activate T4 to T3 conversion.
5. 150 mcgs of iodine a day. Too much or too little of this will cause auto-immune thyroid problems.
6. Probiotics
7. DHA from algae.
8. Beware soy protein (tofu, soymilk) as soy protein isoflavones (genistein and diadzein) compromise thyroid function.
9. Whole chia seed preferable to flaxseed oil.

Fortified brewer's (nutritional) yeast from non-GMO beets has been a real helpful way for me to get selenium and my B vitamins.... as well as a host of amino acids. Brazil nuts is another plentiful source of selenium. No doubt you're familiar with these, but in cause you're not...

Sounds like you've got a healthy program going with your great dietary choices and fitness activities... and excellent foundation for good health...

Welcome to the team!
: )

New decade. Big world.
Hello, 60!

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11/28/12 11:30 A

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Hi everyone,

I'm Val, 36 (almost 37 emoticon ) and I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Well, at least the doc confirmed I have an enlarged thyroid and said my symptoms (tired, weight gain, hair loss, increased sweating, extreme discomfort at the neck, can't even bend it backwards without feeling anxiety of not getting enough air these days!) sound like HYPO. I had blood work done today and am scheduled to have an ultrasound done next Thursday!

I have to admit, while I never suspected having any thyroid problems, I've probably been un-diagnosed since I'm in my early 20's! Or at least that's when it started that I really couldn't stand anything touching my neck! (Turtlenecks, forget it!!!)
For the past months though it really increased with the discomfort as well as with the fatigued feeling and hair loss, which is why I thought to have it checked out! (I'm glad I did!)
My paternal grandmother as well as my mother both had their thyroids removed, though I don't know whether they were hyper or hypo... (Can't ask either one of them anymore..)

Now I'm trying to inform myself as best as possible about this subject!
I'm a vegan and would say I live pretty healthy all around; trying to avoid too much processed stuff, eating lots of fresh veggies & fruit, healthy grains, beans etc. and exercise 5-6x/week with 20-30 min cardio + yoga, pilates, barre, weights.. all balanced out.

I'm really glad to having found this particular team here and plan on reading a lot here from you all!

emoticon Val


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