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12/11/12 9:35 P

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emoticon emoticon glad you're here

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12/11/12 5:48 A

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Welcome to the team! What keeps me motivated is that I want to lose the weight. I used to be thinner and I would like to get back to that weight or at least near it. I set goals for myself with rewards when I reach those goals. That also keeps me motivated because I look forward to those rewards. You need to remember that you can do this because you are a strong woman. You have the strength in you to do this.

As for exercises, SparkPeople has videos of exercises on the site that you can do. They even have an office workout video for 15 minutes. You can search the site for the exercise videos.

Remember this is a change of life style and not a diet. You need to change your eating habits. This will not happen overnight. Take baby steps and try to change one thing at a time. Try getting 8 8 oz. glasses of water in a day as your first step. Once you have accomplished that goal move on to something else.

If I can be of any help, please stop by my SparkPage and leave me a comment or leave me an e-mail. Good luck with your journey.


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"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference." ?

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12/10/12 11:07 P

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emoticon lots here for you to check out ..... good luck on your journey .

Making 2018 a healthy year

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Keep on Smilin'

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12/10/12 8:38 P

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hey there. i feel like i should know where Medina is but i'm too lazy right now to open a map. I'm in SE Ohio ... 37 this year. ... gained a ton of weight back in late 90s when I was dx bipolar and IBS and whatever else. gained more than 50lbs that first year. then have fluxed as high as 280 (I think) and as low as 220.

i started on this site in April 2012 at 260 i think. i've learned how to pick out and eat healthier foods. I drink a ton of water naturally and cut out soda back in mid-90s in college b/c I don't intake enough calcium and all that soda robs your bones of calcium.

being active on this site helps you learn food info plus fitness info. for me fitness stuff was always a mystery and not worth my effort. well going this whole year off my bp meds (my psych refused to treat with meds) has made me look in the mirror and find other ways of feeling better. so i try to eat healthier but i don't make anything forbidden or off limits. I just don't indulge too often. i don't bring home the fattening stuff so then it's not available for me to mindlessly snack on.

staying active on here and in groups helps keep accountability going. i know i can come up with a ton of excuses and procrastination if left to my own devices... it's a matter of wanting it. a matter of realizing and remembering how awesome it is to try on smaller clothes and look GOOD! and feel GOOD!

I got approved for a free 1 year membership to the local community center. I went and signed up today. it's really nice. pretty good selection of workout weight machines, free weights, cardio, walking and jogging track, big basketball/volleyball gymnasium, locker rooms, showers, etc... i'm excited.

as mentioned i gave up cold turkey soda back in mid-90s so i just lost my taste for it. it's an acquired taste and eventually you just don't want it. to me Pepsi smells and tastes disgusting now. but in HS I drank like 6 of those (16oz?) glass bottles a day.

when i moved from OH to Pasadena CA for awhile I had to walk over a mile to and from work and i was in an area that didn't have many of the usual fast food options. sure there are a ton of restaurants near work but they were mostly healthy stuff. so eventually I lost my taste for the fat and grease. I was never really a Big Mac kind of girl. I usually ordered plain fish sandwich or something when I was forced to eat there in high school. the smell of a McD makes me ill. but yea, eventually you lose the desire for the fat, grease, salt, and all that. now that's not to say i don't eat ugly stuff every now and then ... the appetizer platter at Applebee's and Texas Roadhouse are pretty awesome. but i don't do that every day.

so yea .. that's it. drink more water. cut out soda. make healthier choices on the foods you do like, walk.

i mostly eat Lean Pockets fixed in a nu wave oven (which is probably best purchase i've ever made)... i love fat free cottage cheese despite the high-ish sodium content. i even switched over to turkey bologna instead of the ol' Oscar Mayer stuff.

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12/10/12 12:02 P

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I am a 35 yr old mom and wife from Medina ohio. Looking to loose some unwanted weight that i have put on in the last 4yrs( i have gained 50 lbs) I have a hard time staying motivated,then each yr i put on another 10 lbs!! I hardly ever exorcise,and i am needing a change!! I know i need to be healthy,Not just for my family,but for me! Tips on how you stay motivated and workouts that you use would be greatly appreciated!!

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