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1/27/12 10:25 A

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Hi Bibipink,
Since my RNY on 5/9/11, I have never vomited. I have only had dumping syndrome a few times. Each time, it was about 5 minutes after eating something I should not have eaten, either high in fat or sugar. Sugar alcohols in particular give me dumping. My first symptom is an intestinal cramping sensation that feels like labor pains in my intestines, immediately followed by a sudden burst of sweating all over my body. The sweating can sometimes increase until I'm drenched. Next comes the racing, pounding heart. By this point, I've usually retreated to the restroom to ride out the storm. You mention diarrhea. However, for me, I don't get diarrhea. I just have one normal evacuation within about 60 minutes of the onset of dumping, and then I go right back to feeling normal. There is no lingering diarrhea for me.

I hope this wasn't too graphic, just trying to give it to you straight.

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1/27/12 1:24 A

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In Chapter 18 of Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies it discusses Dumping Syndrome at length.

Here are the basics.
If you eat something high in sugar or fat this cause excess fluid to rush to that area of the small intestines, and it make you feel awful as dumping occurs.

Simple sugars are better tolerated than complex sugars

Dumping only happens to 30-40% of gastric bypass patients.
symptoms: lightheadedness, sweating, nausea, heat palpitations, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.
You feel horrible for about 20-60 minutes.
Some people describe it as feeling like you are having a panic attack or a heart attack as your heart feels like it is beating super fast!

Some people confuse dumping with foamies. They are different. Foamy's is usually when you eat too much or too fast and throw up foamy food mass. I even got foamy's when I drank protein drink with milk (now I use lactose free milk. It was the lactose that got me I no longer can digest lactose well!

I have had a couple experiences with dumping but I have had numerious experiences with foamy's! I do not like either. I would rather avoid both.

Chapter 18 in the book is good to re-read every once in a while as it talks about lots of side effects that can occur at any stage after weight loss surgery.


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1/27/12 1:07 A

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Can anybody tell me about dumping syndrome. Does usually everybody get it? Is it only with certain foods? any input would be greatly appreciated. I have IBS (diahrrea) and it seems like is going away which is great! but I'm wondering if I"m going to go through it (having diahrrea) everyday again after I have gastric bypass surgery. Thnx

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