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8/29/17 12:05 P

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We learn from failures perceived or real. So. We can as ourselves "what went off track?" to find better approaches. S.P. articles on goal setting and motivation are incredibly easy to read and very helpful when we think of our lifestyle as we read.
Different nutrition plans work for different people, but keeping weight off is the result of having been using a plan that became habit, became lifestyle.

To find success that lasts maybe we "just" from the start need to realistically understand what we have been doing that got us "here" and is self-defeating.

What of these habits are we truly willing to change completely? Which of these habits can we replace with better ones...or even totally eliminate? Can we modigy and incorporate a supposedly "bad" habit into a healthy lifestyle?

I focus on this because our ingrained habits can be what stands in the way of lasting success: temporary change like a "diet" can carry with it a subconscious belief that tells us "if I go without my favorite such and such til I lose those pounds, I can maintain that lower weight." My question when hearing that is: "whats the maintenance plan?"

Maybe thinking about what it takes to maintain the lower weight has to be part of the plan from the start. Or at least be a developing plan as we progress.

A person who has had years of overweight has to really dig to find and then replace deeply ingrained habits that need to be eliminated or replaced by better habits. The things that defeat our efforts often are habits that are such a part of us that we don't realize they ARE habits.

Think of the things we believe are exceptions in our daily lifestyle... Here is where journaling and tracking are very revealing... Tracking can reveal that "sometimes" might really be "often", "usually", or even "always" when referring to some food or
"Sometimes I...." is something we believe when in fact the truth is "I usually..."! That difference is why detailed measuring, tracking, and journaling are wonderful tools for getting to better understand ourselves so we know what we can change to attain our goals.

S.P. has wonderful tools that motivate, educate, encourage us. I firmly believe that reading and re-reading articles helps us. When we find ourselves thinking "oh, I know THIS...I can skip reading about it!", that is exactly when we need to read most thoughtfully. Read. And truly think about this thing we "know". What the mind knows is one thing. What we do is another.

Sorry for being so wordy... but your plight of reusing after previous loss is so very important! What is fantastic is that you know you CAN lose the weight! It's that "how will I keep it off" part that signals attention to replacing those old habits.

ENJOY what you do to lose the pounds. And keep enjoying what you do to maintain. Because life's too short to not live fully while reaching toward our goals.

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8/29/17 9:39 A

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its never a fail if you keep trying!! I've been fat my entire life. Last oct 29th i found keto..the ONLY thing thats ever worked for me. 80 pounds later i'm amazed that i have been able to stick to it with no problems after week 1. No shakes, no meds, no heavy exercise..just healthy eating.

when you find something you are comfortable with..that gives you dont even WANT to go off!!! (I was so sure this wasnt going to work i PLANNED what i was going to have on Thanksgiving. i mean, how could i LIVE without pecan pie mashed potatos and stuffing??) 2 weeks in i started looking for keto-friendly recipes...and i didnt have so much as a taste of anything NOT keto. for a foodie like me, this was totally amazing. You can do this...pick your plan and believe!!!

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8/29/17 9:30 A

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I don't know how many times I have started a new diet but I never seem to get to my goal I always give up. I keep telling myself this time I won't give up. I want to lose 50 pounds.

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