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1/29/15 4:28 P

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Hey everyone,

sometimes, you match up with an accountability partner and things just don't work out. Maybe your goals change, maybe life situations change, whatever happens, in the end, you find yourself without a partner. And that's kind of rough. So, this thread is for those of us who have had a partner (or more than one) and lost them and are looking to start anew with someone who has also lost an accountability partner(s).

In order to facilitate easier match-ups, I've created a tiny little questionnaire that can help us to get to know our goals a little better and you can decide if the person matches with your individual goals. You don't have to be incredibly detailed, but it should convey our goals clearly.

NAME: (how would you like to be addressed?)

AGE RANGE: (your own and the age range you are looking for in a partner)

LONG-TERM GOAL(s): (is there an ideal weight you are working towards? Do you have a number of pounds you'd like to lose? A fitness level you'd like to attain? When would you like to accomplish this by?)

SHORT-TERM GOAL(s): (What would you like to achieve in the next 3-6 months?)

COMMUNICATION: (How often would you like to be in contact with your partner? This is a very important question. Think about your ideal situation but then also think about what is truly realistic for you? In three months from now, will you still want to message/chat/email/etc daily?)

TYPE OF ENCOURAGEMENT: (Do you want gentle encouragements? Would you like someone to call you out when you don't follow your goals? What is your encouragement style and how flexible are you to tailor it to the needs of your partner?)

TRACKING:: (Are you tracking your food? Exercise? Both? Do you expect your partner to do the same?)

ANYTHING ELSE YOU BELIEVE IS IMPORTANT: (Are you looking for another mom to share your experience? Would you like to partner up with a fellow student? Do you only feel comfortable with your own gender? You can give as much or little information as you'd like)

Once you are in contact with potential, do talk about what worked and didn't work with previous partners (without naming names of course). Most importantly, communicate any changes in your goals or situation. If you can't be in touch like you'd agreed upon, let your partner know. If your goals change for any reason, let them know. It's absolutely okay if you decided that going forward with your partner is no longer an option. Simply communicate openly and let them know with kindness.

Here's to finding fabulous accountability partners!

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