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6/26/17 11:06 P

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Hi Jeannie
Eating Keto is actually quite easy but you do need to have the cooked meats on hand if you want to be able to have quick meals and snacks. I usually cook extra meat for dinner and use that for lunch or a snack. Today I have a roast Costco chicken for dinner with a spinach salad. we will eat only about half the bird so tomorrow I will chop up a bunch of the meat and mix it with mayo and pickle and a bit of mustard to make a salad We will have it with some chopped carrots, cucumbers and red peppers. If I need a snack I will cut off some of the meat or have a couple pieces of cheese.
Breakfast I always have coffee with whipping cream and eggs (cooked as an omelett with whatever veggies I have on hand and cheese) and sometimes I have bacon. - about 500 calories. Lunch as above, then dinner I cook meat and make a salad or have veggies and dip.

I have been low carb now for over three months and I have no cravings and I am never hungry. I am now starting to add some strawberries and other small amounts of fruit which I have been missing. I also find that I am starting to need more different flavours so I am starting to experiment with other recipes. Up til now I have just been using my go to meat recipes that are all very basic.

As you prowl this and other forums you will find that there are many different ways of eating Keto depending on each persons background cooking experience and the types of flavours they are familiar with. The big thing at the beginning is having a plan.
Good luck and welcome to the team!

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6/25/17 10:11 A

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Welome Jeannie.

I too have ulcerative colitis. I had one minor attack in university, and it cleared up on its own, and I didn't even know what it was. A year later it came back far worse. I lost about 20 pounds in no time at all, and I was on steroids and anti-inflammatories.

I was on the anti-inflammatories for years. When I bumped into low carb, about 7 years ago, my symptoms cleared slowly, it was better in a week or two, and then kept getting better over time, and after a few months I decided to drop the anti-inflammatories since I no longer had problems. Looking back over that with hindsight I suspect it was the wheat that was irritating my gut, just one of many things I cut when changing to low carb, and now Keto.

Stick with it, and I bet in two weeks you will see a noticeable improvement in symptoms.

As for carb cravings, those settle down after a few weeks too. I personally measure a foods "carbyness" by what fraction, or percentage of its weight is carbs. I asked, how do I compare different foods? Well if you eat the same weight of different things, then how many carbs do you eat? Here is a list of low carb foods that should give you an idea of what to eat, and the fraction, or percentage of their weight that is carbs:


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6/24/17 9:28 P

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Hi Jeannie and welcome!

when i started i had scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Go ahead and use the bacon fat!!
Lunch was always cheese and pepperoni, or summer sausage, or regular sausage.
supper is whatever plain meat i have on hand (my kids gave me a smoker for my birthday..i LOVE it gives the meat such good flavor and the meat stays moist) and a big spinach salad with cheese, sometimes cucumber, and olive oil and vinegar. if i have steak i saute some mushrooms too. most times i have butter with my meat. you want lots of healthy fats, moderate protein, and very low carb.
i dont count calories. i get full quickly. I've lost about 75 pounds in just under 7 months. i dont do any special exercise..just the walking i always do and sometimes if i'm ambitious i do a beachbody segment. but not too often. for a while i was making fat bombs and coconut chocolate cupcakes and stuff..but i stopped losing for 3 months so cut out all artificial sweeteners. and went from net to total carbs...but now i'm stalled again and there is nothing left to cut!! lol. oh well!!
you can do this!!!

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6/24/17 8:44 P

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Hi, I recently read about Keto and figure it's something I need to try, I feel like I need to do something. I never really had weight issues before until this past year or so. I was diagnosed with moderate/severe Ulcerative Colitis about 6 years ago (I am 51). I have been on many medications including steroids (yuck!) and now I go every 8 weeks to the hospital for IV infusions of Remicade which is the first drug to really help me. Anyway I don't know if it's been the medications, my sedentary job, menopause or probably a combination of everything I have gained so much weight I hate it. I have read so many good things about Keto that I want to give it a shot and get sugar (a big addiction for me) and all the bad carbs out of my life for good.
I went shopping with a list of things to get last night and figured I'd begin my new Keto lifestyle today. This morning (normally I have a protein shake with chocolate almond milk for breakfast every day) I made myself 4 slices of bacon and after that cooked I used the same pan (after I drained most of the bacon grease) to make 2 scrambled eggs (I didn't mix them with anything, but saw some cream in the fridge wondered if I should of added that to my eggs?) I hate eggs so I also made small portion of broccoli to mix in with my eggs. I crumbled my bacon into my eggs as well and mixed everything up and ate it along with a bottle of water.
2 hours later I am feeling hungry and not sure what to eat. I drank another bottle of water and then cut up some celery and put cream cheese on it and ate that hoping that would tie me over.
Lunch time comes and I have no plan and I'm hungry! No clue what to eat so I ended up eating 2 left over chicken fingers. I know this is not Keto friendly, but I'm hungry and not sure what to eat. I pulled most of the batter off of them. I also drank a Diet Pepsi (I had 2 cans left in the refrigerator and they tend to fill me up) So I get through my lunch feeling bad I screwed up.
Dinner time my husband makes us a couple of hamburgers (no buns) roasted red peppers and grilled asparagus (yummy!)
After eating I was still hungry, but just dealt with it.
I have a cookbook coming in the mail tomorrow that should give me ideas, but what I REALLY need is a meal plan. I am great at following plans without cheating I just need the plan. I really haven't found any plans that will work for me, most are much higher in carbs than I think I am supposed to have. Following a calculator I can have 1099 calories although I've learned most don't count calories. I can have 25g carbs, 75g protein and 78g of fat. Not sure if I did it correct. I am 5'2" 147lbs and really want to get down to at least 125. If anyone knows of any great meals plans I think that would be a great big help to me.
Thank you emoticon

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