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2/28/17 3:51 P

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Hi and WELCOME!!
you can do this..i do 21 day fix, too..but i have lots more to lose then you. Plus a replaced knee, so i use the modifications.
you might want to check your percentages...mine work out to 70% fat, 25 % protein, and 5% carbs. Generally what they say for keto but you can use the calculators.
Glad to have you with us!!

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2/27/17 4:09 P

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Welcome Hope,

Never say Never.... You'll find alot of support and great knowledge. i'm 5'7 and I will achieve getting to 145 to 135 lbs... it may take me a while... because I have other things to deal with in my life that I am working on.

I still drink Vodka and tequila not every day .. only when I am hanging out with my BFF. which is maybe 2 times a week. Not really KETO approved but it is low carb.

Online you may want to check out Dr. Fung and Jimmy Moore and there are others too.

Started 9/27/13 to release myself from my 'FAT' cocoon ~ Restarting 9/1/17 my journey!!!!

SW 254.4 lbs 9/1/17 CW 249.8 lbs 12/17/17 GW 145 -135 lbs by 9/1/18

I use this KETO Calculator to figure my min/max amounts
Carbs 18-24 g; (5%)
Fat 129-174 g; (80%)
Protein 55-73 g; (15%)
calories 1456-1956
as of 2/6/17 (recalculate at 10-20 lb loss)

Suggested Reading "KETO CLARITY" by Jimmy Moore & Dr. Eric C. Westm

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2/27/17 3:44 P

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Hi everyone. James was kind enough to reach out to me on another board. I'm not sure how I feel about Keto, but I am interested in reading through some of these threads and also doing research elsewhere - the first time I ever even HEARD of Keto was about a month ago. So....I have much to learn.

Little bit about myself, 36 y/o mother of one. Former anorexic chain smoker. Diagnosed with Crohn's in 2008/2009.

I quit smoking and started eating near the tail end of 2011 and have steadily gained weight (to the tune of 80 lbs...I currently weigh in at 195, the heaviest I've ever been).

I know that I will never get back to my prior weight of 115 (which I obtained through an unhealthy and downright dangerous lifestyle) but I would like to see myself somewhere in the 145-150 lb weight range. I'm 5'7" and I think that I can probably carry that much weight on my frame and still look and feel comfortable. Current problems associated with the extra weight I'm carrying are lower back pain, difficulty in finding clothes that fit properly (I've had a significant increase in chest size and so very few work-suitable blouses or shirts fit me), and just general sadness about my appearance and a lack of confidence.

My biggest weakness is alcohol, I've been in the habit for several years of a cocktail or two a night (scotch or vodka martini) and several on weekends. I have been alcohol-free since February 12th, and I have to confess I'm still struggling. It's getting easier, but if I get bored I find myself wanting to drink. So I've been making a concentrated effort to keep busy so I'm not tempted. I've also been drinking more tea in the evenings. Weekends are particularly difficult for me, and I nearly broke down and had a drink this past Saturday night. My husband skipped his cocktail in solidarity and we ended up splitting a bottle of Pellegrino instead. Small victories...

I started up the 21-Day Fix program last year but I haven't had much success with weight loss - and I believe, 100%, it is because of my alcohol consumption. So that's a bummer.
On a positive note, though, I HAVE noticed a major decrease in my Crohn's symptoms since I started the program. It seems my body likes real food and the balanced nutrition has been helpful. I've even been able to reduce my medications to minimal doses.
So at this point, I just need to work on the weight.

For now, I am planning family dinners one week at a time and planning my remaining daily meals around that schedule. I have planned out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. So far, I'm on track for Monday (thank God for small miracles!) and I will take a look at my breakfast/snack/lunch/snack plans for Thursday, Friday and Saturday tomorrow or Wednesday over the noon hour. I have been logging all of my food in the SP tracker, and it seems as if I'm averaging roughly 35% fat, 37% protein, 28% carb. (unless I drink, which throws everything out of whack).

I'm interested in learning about Keto and cutting the carbs to see if that helps my weight loss efforts. Anything's worth a try, I figure.

Thanks for inviting me into the group, James :) And I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone in here.

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