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1/16/14 1:55 A

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You're about to turn into a Blog Writer?

What happened?

You are in Kansas. Did you drive through a Fairy Blog dust storm? Were you wearing red slippers? Did you click your heels together, twice? Have you seen any of those horrible flying monkey-like creatures? What does the Tin Man have to say? Or Scarecrow?

Your new blog IS about Gardens, well, isn't it?

Do you need help? I've got some Twinkie dust around somewhere when I got that trip to Never-Never Land when I was younger. Should I send it by courier or will First Class Mail do?

It's not catching is it? I mean.....

I'd make a horrible blogger. Subjects would come spewing out of my brain with no regard for logic.

I surely hope.....nay, pray, that it isn't interactive with the Internet and it could, surely not. Will I wake up tomorrow morning as a frog? Well, I guess I would rather be a frog than a toadstool. Can I choose what I want to be?

Please, Makeit3, pretty please? Can I choose? Oh please let me choose. I want to be, I..... I want to be, oh, I know, I know.....I want to be an infamous writer. I want to be THE Most Infamous Writer of the World. I want to be known as the Biggest, Most Notorious, Infamous Writer of All Time.

When I walk down the street, children would hide their eyes, mothers would pull them to their sides - the side next to the buildings. Police cars would all crash into fire hydrants. Brave men would run, screaming in fear, down the street! Women would faint when I spoke to them. Me! The Most Notorious and Infamous Writer of All Time, Galaxy Wide!

Of course, that could only happen if that Fairy Blog dust was interactive with the Internet. I guess I'll have to sleep on it. I mean, sleep on the idea of the Fairy Blog dust being an Internet Interactive function of the Fairy blog dust, not sleep on the Fairy Blog dust.

Oh - Birthday Girls don't qualify. Only Co-Leaders! And you have already gone through the Fairy Blog dust. But you did it outside, so you don't know if the Fairy Blog dust has an Infectious, Internet Interactive function. You know, like Pi R [] is a function? I've seen a square pizza pie before. It was deep dish and thick crust. Two bites, that's all I could have - two bites. And it didn't fill me up. I had to drink four glasses of water to get full. Then I sloshed.

Vanderboom, a belated Happy Birthday to you. If I had known you were going to have a birthday, I could have almost certainly come up with a better story than the preceding. It was the best I could do on short notice.

Maybe Fairy Blog dust is infectious and it's already affecting my brain.

What's already infecting my brain?

I want my blankie. No, not binkie, my blankie.

I can sleep right here. On the floor.

Nighty night.

Oh, my Mommy says I have to say I'm sorry for the whining. She says I "Don't do whining well".

Well, Can I have a drink? Please? Thank you Mommy.

Ewww! This is awful bathroom water Mommy. I want good kitchen water. Thank you, Mommy.

I sleep now.

Mommy, please don't turn out the light until it's morning outside.

OK. I will

Nighty night Miss Vander.....uh, Miss Vander.....Miss Vander thunder. Nighty night Mrs. Made it.

See you tomorrow - if the creek don't rise.

"A government big enough to give everything you want is also big enough to take everything you have."
-Ronald Reagan

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1/13/14 12:10 P

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We're delighted you've joined us. Happy birthday. And I'm glad we have another tech writer on the team. Even though I'm about to turn into a Blog writer!


Stacy, KS

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C. S. Lewis

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1/13/14 11:22 A

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Hi ~ I'm happy to meet you all! I'm a tech writer from Seattle area. It's my birthday today so my gift to myself is making new friends this year on Sparkpeople. Thank you all for your stories that help keep me interested and motivated. Seriously - I'm blessed to be among you all!

Why not me?

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