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I Love Strawberries! Glad it is strawberry season! :)

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Dear husband just brought in a bucket of them from the garden!!!
I shall enjoy!!!

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6/16/11 12:42 A

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also has good qualities for people with the gout it helps relieve the pain

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6/15/11 11:25 P

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emoticon emoticon emoticon


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VITAMINS TEAM' with premission from .EJHEINRICH1 Team Leader

Thought it would be beneficial to our members.


Strawberries are the most popular berries in the world. Whether it is their color or their succulence or their amazing taste, these berries are popular all over the world, even in many foods and drinks that are available out there. But, one thing that most people do not know is the fact that these strawberries are also full of the goodness of health. Here we shall take a look at some of the healthy aspects of strawberries.

Despite the fact that the strawberry is not a real berry, the fact that this is the most popular and most widely consumed ‘berry’ in the world still stands. This is actually an aggregate accessory fruit, in which the seeds are attached to the exterior of the fruit. However, it is just as succulent as any other berry. If the number of recipes made from a particular fruit are any indication, then there is absolutely no question about the prime position that the strawberry has in the world.

Strawberries – What Are They?
The strawberry is actually a group of over twenty different closely related fruits, commonly called by their genus name Fragaria. This red colored fruit contains its seeds outside, on its coat. The fruit has a heart-shaped shape, which has made the strawberry very popular as a fruit as well as a motif on gifts and cards. The fruits vary in taste. You could find a very sweet strawberry or a very tart strawberry or something in between.
The fruit is a very commonly grown crop in almost all temperate regions of the world, and grows best in the season between September and October. When it first comes up, the fruit is white, and gradually transforms to its characteristic red color.

Strawberries – Traditional Roots
Strawberries have a long history of being popular on earth. They were discovered by the Europeans in 1588 after their foray into America. At that time, the strawberry was mostly a wild berry, which was almost completely neglected. It was first cultivated properly at the behest of the European settlers, who had developed quite a taste for them! These people also took strawberries to their homelands and cultivated them.
They were earlier known as heart-seed berries because of their particular shape. Due to the their striking red color, they were also used as garden ornaments by the English and the French elite, Charles V of France being a notable person among them who ordered 1,200 strawberry plants for the gardens that adorned his palace.

Other people in history who were known to love strawberries in some form or the other were Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII who had a natural strawberry tattoo on his neck and Madame Tallien, who used to have baths that were naturally scented with strawberries.
Due to their shape, strawberries have always been considered to be a motif for love. There was a tradition in some European cultures to feed newlyweds with a strawberry meal because it was believed to enhance the love between them.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #1
Carolus Linnaeus, the person who invented the system of naming the plants and animals with binomial nomenclature, vouched for the health benefits of strawberries. He was of the strong belief that strawberries, when regularly used, can help in the removal of problems such as bowel cleansing and rheumatic gout.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #2
The strawberry is indeed laden with nutritional goodness. It has a very low fatty content and is low in calories. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which makes it one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet. It has a high amount of fiber as well. It is also healthy in terms of its potassium and folic acid content.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #3
All these points have led to the strawberry being high on various health charts. The following is a list of some of the benefits of these berries:-

Health Benefits of Strawberries #4
The very high amount of antioxidants in strawberries help in quick repair of wear and tear that occurs in the body. Age-related problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are kept at bay by the regular consumption of these fruits.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #5
The fruit can control and eliminate free radical mechanism, which helps in slowing down the aging process. People who regularly consume strawberries find that aging signs such as scars, spots, wrinkles, etc. appear on their body much later than others.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #6
Since strawberries have a healthy amount of potassium in them, they are also good for maintaining good heart health. People who consume strawberries are kept away from problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and heart attacks.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #7
Due to their high omega 3 fatty acid content, strawberries are also beneficial in inhibiting the production and retention of cholesterol in the liver.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #8
It helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #9
Strawberries can improve immunity. They can make the body strong and prevent infections by microorganisms from upsetting the body balance.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #10
Strawberries are also known to remove tartar. The acid content of the strawberries is responsible for this.

Health Benefits of Strawberries #11
Apart from making the teeth cleaner and whiter, strawberries are also responsible in maintaining good health of gums.

Strawberries – How to Get Them?
Though strawberries are very abundantly available, it is also a fact that they are one of the most perishable fruits. You have to make sure to use them within 24 hours of purchasing, especially when the season is warm.
They are easily available in any market, and there is a host of strawberry products available as well, but if you are looking to tap into the rich health reserve of the strawberry, then you should buy them when they are in their prime, i.e. in their peak season.

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