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3/25/11 11:07 A

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emoticon emoticon Hang in there - you have a lot going on with a 5 month old and getting used to a little one along with the added frustration of the extra weight. Start slow, and maybe you can't jump back into P90X but with the weather getting better, maybe you can get outside with a stroller or even a jogger stroller. I understand - I gained 55 lbs. with my son and I never did get all the weight off before I get pregnant again. And sometimes you have to let the housework go and take care of yourself first.

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3/25/11 10:35 A

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I've been there with the baby weight. Ouch, it isn't any fun. I gained 65 pounds with my first and it was so frustrating to deal with after she was born. Lots of depression and very upset wtih myself. Like others have said, we'll all be in the same boat soon, Im 21 weeks pg now so I will be there with post-baby stuff soon. Hang in there, we're all here for you!!!

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3/25/11 8:22 A

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First - congrats on your baby!
Second - forgive yourself. You gained the weight already and you can't change that. But you can change how you deal with it, and it starts by forgiving yourself. You are human afterall!!!

I second the previous posters - can you sit down and have a heart to heart with DH about needing a little more support, moral and otherwise?

I'm also hoping this group will be a place where we can all share our strategies for trying to stay healthy, work, go to school, be moms, be girlfriends/ know all those things we have to balance...


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3/25/11 7:30 A

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Awww hun! I've so been there. It's really hard. And our brains are wired to just focus in on our kids, so that really can make exercising at home impossible to concentrate on.
Would your husband (or a friend or relative) be willing to stay with the baby for half an hour to an hour three times a week, so that you could get back into regular exercise? Even if it was just to get out on a brisk walk or jog? That's what I find I'm having to do right now. It takes me a little bit to get out the door (asking DH a million times if he's going to be okay with the baby), but I feel much better when I get back.
I have a toddler and a 2 month old, so this is my second time fighting the battle of exercising in the postpartum period!

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3/25/11 6:31 A

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First of all, congrats on your new baby girl!! We are ALL going to be struggling with losing baby weight, so know that you are not alone! I will also be finishing up my pregnancy having gained a considerable amount of weight, so I know my weight loss journey will be a long one! I'm sorry your hubby cannot be more supportive. Have you talked with him about it? Does he know its not so "easy" now that you have a little one to take care of? You can always come to us for support and guidance! That's what we're here for! Spark is a wonderful site for motivation and know that you CAN do it. Make small goals and those will in turn become huge victories!

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3/25/11 12:33 A

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Well to share a little bit with anyone who can help and is interested. I am a new mommy, and before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I had went from 176-145 by completing a round of P90X. I LOVED IT!!! I felt good it was great. I looked great! However I let myself go when I got pregnant and i'll never forgive myself, because now I am struggling. I couldn't wait till I had her and my six weeks post pregnancy recovery was over. I was so determined to start P90X! I had gained 82lbs during pregnancy and was ready to loose it. Everytime I attempted to it the baby cried, my husband needed something, the house had to be straightened up. Just anything and everything has defeated me. And because I have attempted to get started at loosing weight so many time my husband now make snide comments and snikers when I say I am going to try again... It defeats me so bad and makes me want to give up and just not care. When I did P90X I was doing it with a friend that I don't speak to anymore, and he pushed me so hard! But we supported each other and helped each other. I just wish my husband could be like that.... Anyways sorry to ramble onto a completely off subject topic. I just need support and help.... I don't know where or how to start anymore being a mommy is so new to me and I have NO help!

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