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2/13/13 8:35 A

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WELCOME and glad you are here. I identify with the benge eating. IT was amazing how much food i could hold at once and not have the willpower to stop. You will find support and good ideas and recipes that will help you. I love this site, and learn something new all the time.

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2/13/13 8:30 A

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You cannot focus on the foods you can no longer eat. Focus on all the great food you CAN eat. I just finished three super greasy burgers for breakfast. I have no complaints. I was a binge eater until my 30's, when I started eating low carb. I have never had the urge to binge eat since then.
However, I am realistic. I do not eat a lot of low carb foods because they can trigger a binge for me. I will never be able to have fruit, too much sugar for me.
You need to read the Atkins original 1972 book. It is a great starting point. Do not start unil you pick a plan and read the entire ook and know what you are doing.

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2/13/13 2:26 A

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you should find that your cravings go away within a short time if you follow a low carb diet. i personally like atkins. it's easy for me. i also have gone a step farther and quit eating wheat and most other grains. on occasion i will have rice or beans, once a month maybe.
used to be, my favorite foods were pasta, bread and rice. i told myself i ate healthy. i always ate whole wheat, whole grain, sprouted, that kind of thing. but, eliminating it all was the way to go. there have been so many additional health benefits from that.
if that interests you, there is a wheat belly team on spark. also the book wheat belly is very good and the author has a blog.
this is a very active team here. come visit often.

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2/12/13 11:22 P

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Done right, within days you'll lose most of your cravings for all those starches that you now love so much. Of course, that's only one battle in the overall war, but it sounds like you're already taking the fight to the other big battlefield of emotional eating as well!

Birgit has great suggestions! Low carb eating is very counter-intuitive in our culture, so it's important to learn as much as you can about what works and what will give you the best chance for success.

Rule #1: fat is your friend! We've been trained to think that it's bad for us, but it's only the combo of fat plus sugar/starch that is dangerous. The higher your daily fat intake and the lower your carbs the better you'll feel and the less you'll weigh. Low carb is NOT high protein!

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2/12/13 11:15 P

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I was in your shoes myself and really thought that I was destined to be overweight for the rest of my life, my friend was telling me about the Atkins diet and I thought that she had lost her mind....Then co-worker of mine went on it and dropped 50lbs like nothing and I did it too and lost 100lbs....

It's not as bad as you can do it.

The atkins web site has lots of info has lots of recipes.


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2/12/13 10:41 P

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Welcome to the team! I'm glad your doctor is knowledgeable enough to understand why low-carb eating works so well to deal with binge eating. If done right your days of restricting calories and feeling hungry are over but you will still be able to lose weight.
There are two books I want to recommend, the one is about binge eating and is very similar in approach to what helped me stop almost all binge eating many years ago.

The other one is what I consider to be the best book on doing a low-carb diet successfully. It's pretty detailed so will require some time to read through.

Another fantastic resource, although overwhelming at first is the Livin La Vida Low Carb blog by Jimmy Moore. It is here:

You might also find a lot of interesting information by going through the various threads on this team.
You can beat both weight problems and eating disorders for good, many here have done so, many others are in the process so there will be a lot of support.


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2/12/13 10:02 P

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I have recently decided to try and take control of my life, which of course meant acknowledging I have a problem. I have binge eating disorder and I have for 12 years. Acknowledging with no action is not helpful so I decided to seek help. My first step was going to the doctor for a physical. I found a new doctor who is great ( I did not like my last doctor at all). She has recommended a therapist to help me with the binge and the emotional issue behind it. So I am dealing with my depression and now I need to deal with the way I eat. The doctor called with the results of my blood work. Considering how extremely overweight I am, I am in pretty good health, except I have slightly elevated blood sugar levels. My doc has put me on a medication and has instructed me to eat a low carb diet. That's where the problem is...

I have no idea how to eat low carb... and I'm really devastated to give up pasta, bread, potatoes and rice... I love rice (black beans and rice is one of my favorite easy dinners). I'm glad to find this team is so active I know it will be helpful in finding meal and snack ideas. I am determined to do this. I've never tried low carb but i have high hopes... assuming I can do it right.

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