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HI! ASHLEY, my name is RITA, I will try to help as much as I can the Atkins Diet will help but, over the long haul I personally don't recommend it for myself. I need the fiber for preventing constipation which is a problem for me. Go online to Diabetic Living they have a Book and a magazine and you don't get hounded for donations like the Diabetes Association does. Then you could go to FC&A they have some very good books written in plain English ie. Metabolism for Seniors, Diabetes for Seniors that just a couple of the books geared for the Senior. Just look around at the selection, I have about 10 book's and have been satisfied with everyone!!!!!!!!!!

All things are possible through Jesus Christ JUST BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6/18/15 9:20 P

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hello and welcome to the team we are so glad you joined us.

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Hi Ashley. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but you can fix this. Please read "Atkins Diabetes Revolution." You might also want to read "Atkins New Diet Revolution." The diabetes book I think presumes some familiarity with the diet book.

Low carb is the best way to get sugars down. Getting older makes it tougher to lose weight, but even if it comes off slowly like mine has done (I'm in my 50s), your blood lipid numbers will be improving from the get-go. Over time (3-6 months I think), things will continue to improve. It will amaze you. My fasting sugars have been in the normal range since the first week, around 100. These days, after 5 months, my sugars are in the 80s. My cholesterol was better when I went to the dr 2 months ago, and I expect continued improvement.

The reason low carb works is that grains, bread, potatoes and corn all spike blood sugars. I have removed these from my diet. To complicate things, there are a LOT of hidden sugars in all kind of foods. Get in the habit of reading ALL labels. You can ignore dietary fiber and sugar alcohols because they pass through your system before they get a chance to raise your blood sugar. Some low carbers avoid even those, though.

There are lots of good cookbooks for low carb. Amazon frequently gives away Kindle versions for free. I recommend "Peace, Love and Low Carb."

Atkins has frozen meals if you need that convenience. I would avoid the Atkins treats for the first few weeks. They can keep a chocolate addiction alive.

Let me know if you have any questions, if you are interested in this. I will tell you the American Diabetes Association and many doctors and the diabetes nutritionists do not understand this. They preach high carb, low fat, and that will keep you sick.

Fat is not the enemy, by the way,although it's high calorie, and to lose weight, you will need to watch calories.

Good luck.

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hello, i am 40 year old women, who is pre diabetes, and my dr said either i lose the weight or she is going to put me on pills. So i am here trying to lose the wieght for good this time.

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